Is your health all it should be?

Lady eating apple

Is your health all it should be? So many times we suffer needlessly with achy joints, belly aches and bloating, irritable bowl, constipation, acid reflux, anxiety, depression and the list really does go on and on.

I say needlessly because often times we have carried these things with us for what seems a lifetime and just have decided that it’s the way things are going to be.

Perhaps you think this because you’ve been to so many doctors and tried so many medications and nothing gets you real relief. Oh you might see it for a bit, but the symptoms or problems always return and usually with a vengeance.

What I know to be true…these are all tied to the health of your “second” brain, the gut system.

When it’s humming along, digesting food properly, allowing nutrients into your bloodstream instead of food particles and you have regular bowel movements (not blowing up the bathroom), you feel great and your body feels great.

So many conversations go like this, see if you can relate.

I went to the Doctor with my list of complaints. It kind of looks like a bowl of spaghetti by the time I’m done explaining all the things that are unseemingly related. Headaches, bowel issues, anxiety, acid reflux, belly bloats, can’t sleep, weight gain, no energy, allergies, and on and on and on.

I feel like no one believes me because they can’t find anything wrong, other than I might be allergic to something and I should stay away from gluten. Let’s try this acid blocker to see if it helps and let’s get the anxiety under control, we’ll start you on a low dose of depression meds, and I’d highly suggest an over the counter allergy medication and let’s not forget to take something for the irregular bowel movements or too frequent. Let’s also get you on a good sleep aid at night to help with better sleep, which should then help with the lack of energy.

Kind of feels like your chasing after everything that’s wrong doesn’t it? The sad reality is this…it isn’t.

Medications just mask the issue. They provide temporary relief and often times causes other reactions and issues, which leads to more meds and more issues. Hence the bowl of spaghetti affect.

The really cool thing is this…when we “heal and seal” the gut lining, we fight inflammation and we detox, the body has a fighting chance to actually heal itself.

So often though, we are just told to eliminate the “foods or things” that cause us irritation. You do feel better, but only as long as you avoid these items. What happens when you eat gluten, or soy or you come into contact with certain things that cause a panic attack or that cause an allergic reaction?

Your body reacts and it does this because it’s still sensitive and hasn’t been given the right tools to actually start healing itself.

Part of the process that is often overlooked is lifestyle. This comes in the form of foods, stress, environment, and toxins and often comes in the form of lack of knowledge.

Don’t fret if this is you. We all start somewhere and I’m all about teaching in baby steps so you don’t become overwhelmed and then don’t do anything.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is the gift of knowledge and time. Making the right connections for you and being armed with the right tools will turn your life around. You will no longer just get by or feel old and tired. Isn’t it time you decided what’s important to you and go after it?

What’s been holding you back from taking this most important step in your life? Let’s share here in this safe place, comment below and let’s journey together.

If you’d love to help you figure out what’s the next most important step for you. Let’s talk and get you pointed in the right direction.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

Holiday Stress Busters for Staying Healthy and Sane


With the busy holiday season in full swing, many of us aren’t able to come up for air. We are rushing from work to recitals to parties to shopping and the list goes on and on.

In the end, the holidays breeze by and we’re left in the wake of what the **** happened. You insert your favorite word.

Many don’t get enough sleep, eat way too much sugar and white flour, drink too much alcohol and run their bodies down and end up not feeling very good.

While I admit, I get sucked in too, I really do try to minimize the hits. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying healthy and sane over the holidays.

  1. Delegate as much as possible – we don’t have to do EVERYTHING ourselves. It may not be exactly as you would have done it. Does it really matter?
  2. Get as much sleep as possible – running on empty over a period of time adds to a weakened immune system, which leads to higher stress, which leads to illness. Plus nobody wants to hang out with a cranky you.
  3. Eat only the foods you absolutely love. Leave the ones you “like.”
  4. Just because it’s a “holiday tradition” doesn’t mean you need to partake.
  5. Do something fun and relaxing for you. Take a painting class, yoga class, get a massage, relax in the tub, read a good book, take up a new hobby like knitting or crocheting. You get the idea.
  6. Enjoy family and friends time, but not at the expense of “doing it all.” Be present and truly enjoy the time spent together.
  7. Start a new tradition. If you always host dinner, throw all eligible names in a hat and rotate the gatherings for the different holidays.
  8. Eating as much fresh and nutrient dense foods will help your body reset and feel satiated so you aren’t tempted to indulge in foods that you wouldn’t normally eat anyway.
  9. Don’t forget your probiotic rich foods and drinks. They help keep the bad bugs at bay and help you digest all the food you eat.

You may have some amazing suggestions to add to this list and I’d love for you to share them with us. Leave your comments below and let’s make a pact to breeze through the rest of the holidays healthy and vibrant.

To your health


What would you sacrifice for a loved one?


Have you ever really thought about what you actually do when someone isn’t well? What would you sacrifice for a loved one? Most of us say, we’d do anything and everything for them, if we could.

Would it be your finances or your time or something else?

For most of us, we say we’ll do whatever it takes but here’s where the rubber meets the road. When given the opportunity to invest in learning all there is to learn and apply that in life, unless it’s really important, most won’t do it.

I remember many times wanting so badly to attend a seminar because I highly valued the content and the speaker and yet I couldn’t see myself investing the necessary money for the event ticket and then the additional travel costs as well.

What it really came down to was that it truly wasn’t that important or I would have come up with a way to get myself there.

The flipside of that is that I’ve also invested in myself when there seemed to be no feasible way to accommodate the extra expense.

Like the first time I hire a coach. I wanted it badly. I was willing to do whatever it took and that’s exactly what I did. I also remember being really scared and trying to talk myself out of it. In the end, I wanted the results more than the financial discomfort.

I think health in general is one of those double edge swords. We either truly want it more than anything and therefore will do whatever it takes to achieve it or we say we want it, but not really. We only partially do what’s necessary.

Take losing weight. It’s an age old problem. You might say you want to lose 20 pounds and you might actually start out doing okay but what happens pretty quickly? You get tired of the structure or the limitations. Let’s face it, diets are not something people can maintain for long periods of time and they aren’t actually how most of us live.

Until the mindset is in place to really want something, we creatures of habit, won’t make the sacrifices necessary to change our current habits.

I love my comfort foods and my sweets. I also love convenience. How about you? What are some of your vices?

Acknowledging these is a good start and a place to make a connection with what’s real and doable.

For instance, I make sourdough pizza crusts and sourdough flatbread tortillas. Both of these are what I would call convenience foods and yet because of the way they are made, they are a healthy convenient alternative to store bought junk.

I am reminded all the time about the wisdom and knowledge that I have and take for granted. While others struggle to know what to do on a daily basis or get so overwhelmed by all the information out there.

My mission and goal is to be a good resource for you, to provide a sounding board for questions and a safe place to share your wisdom, your desire to learn more and to walk away with a nugget or two that you can implement.

What’s the point of gaining a lot of information with no action? It’s time to think of yourself as your loved one. When do you become important enough to finally take back your life and your health? You would do it for your family member, why not you?

What’s your biggest obstacle to obtaining the information and help you need? Share your comments below and let’s see what we can make happen together.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

Why is being healthy so hard?


I talk all the time with people just like you and when it comes down to it, there is one burning question. Why is being healthy so hard?

It’s also kind of like asking ourselves, why is being good so hard sometimes? If you know you can’t have something, what happens? You got it…we want it even more. We fixate and become obsessed.

Ever try to do without chocolate or coffee or pop or ice cream? That’s all the mind wants to wander to. It also seems to become more obvious too. Ads on TV, radio, a conversation or a magazine ad all scream at you.

I think that health is much the same way. Many of you want to be healthy or healthier. The fact remains, it’s hard to be good all the time.

A friend shared the other night that her doctor suggested the 80/20 rule, which is exactly what I share too.

Basically this rule states that’s it’s okay to be “bad” 20% of the time. I don’t mean be really bad, it’s just a term I use for being real and living life.

Have you ever been out to eat and you’re just really craving that luscious chocolate cake on the menu or that creamy bowl of soup, even though both are loaded with stuff you shouldn’t be eating?

Or you go to a family gathering and your sister-in-law, who makes to die-for iced sugar cookies, and you know you have to have at least one?

This is living in the real world and this is allowing yourself the freedom to be real and not beat yourself up. We do enough of that in other ways constantly.

Have you ever listened to the mind chatter going on? A little indulgence now and then won’t kill you.

Now…if you are going through a serious health crisis and are healing yourself through a pretty strict regime, I’d say let’s stick to that at least 90-95% of the time.

Does this make sense? What happens for most is that they start on a good healing path, start to feel better and then jump ship and indulge in a super high fat meal (deep fried), drink a big ole shake, eat an extra-large fry and top that off with a big slab of cake or pie.

A digestive system that is compromised and not healed, will immediately tell you, that was a BAD decision.

The average person can learn to make great choices 80% of the time and still manage to get away with making small indulgences part of the time.

Something else to think about. What you fixate on is what your reality becomes. The more you think about wanting to be healthy, the easier it becomes and this also works in reverse.

The mind is a powerful tool and how we choose to use it is equally powerful. Recently I was chatting with an acquaintance and she was sharing her personal health and weight loss journey which started with a hip replacement.

The interesting part of the conversation was the fact that she didn’t even realize the choices and decisions she was making was all around how she started to think once she had gained her mobility back.

She was so focused on the healing and the fact that she could get out and walk again, that she began to lose weight, her mental focus changed, her attitude changed and she attributed it all to her surgery.

While a big part of that was the reason, the bigger reason was her mindset reset. She was no longer focused on all she couldn’t do. She had a new vision, one that included getting out and living.

I ask this…what needs to shift in your mind and life in order to make health feel like a welcome friend instead of a hard and daunting journey? Share your thoughts below and let’s get living together!

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor


PS: I have some limited space in my calendar this week for those of you who are serious about reclaiming your life. Let’s talk and make a plan.

How do you talk to yourself?


I have spent the last few weeks really delving into my inner being because when life throws us curve balls we have a choice, right? We can either curl up into a little ball, shut out the world and stay there or we can dive into the feelings behind the slump and climb out of the pit. Part of this is looking at the whole picture. How do you talk to yourself? How do you treat yourself?

Thinking and feeling are a big part of your daily world. Here’s an interesting statistic that I heard again this week and brought a lot to mind.

You believe 80% of what you tell yourself. You only believe 20% of what others tell you.

Do you realize that your mind doesn’t know the difference between true or false statements? It only knows what it hears.

How do you talk to yourself?

I am a really positive person by nature. I too, catch myself in negative self-talk occasionally or talk that allows me to not feel my best, especially when I’m feeling down or not my cheery self.

I’m bringing this awareness to the table today for a couple of reasons. Self-awareness is essential first of all. When you can pay attention to what is going in your mind, you can begin to change what happens in your life.

The second reason is that what we feed ourselves is paramount to our whole being and that includes your health.

There are many studies to corroborate that having a positive mindset and that includes our thoughts, is paramount to how we heal, how we overcome and how we view life in general.

I think that most of us suffer from some kind of depression from time to time. For some it’s seasonal and for others it could be related to life events and for others it’s a more frequent occurrence.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a couple of off weeks and part of that I was depressed. During that time, the mind chatter that was going on was depressing too. It wasn’t my normal cheery voice of “you can do anything” or “you are such a gift and treasure.”  I was feeling like Eeyore (from Winnie the Poo). Can anyone relate?

Something else I notice is that I didn’t care what I was eating either. I reached for whatever I perceived would make me feel good. We all have our “comfort” foods. The thing is they don’t really comfort. What I find they do is make me feel worse in the end.

Climbing out of the pit is like throwing out a lifeline and having someone on the other end grab hold and haul your hiney out. Whoever that person is for you, call them, invite them over for tea or whatever it is you need to do to change the landscape of your mind.

Your life and your health will thank you for it and they will depend on you for it. Meditate, pray, do some energy work, cry, laugh and as I always say, take your “10 minutes” to work through your feelings and then get up, brush yourself off and get on with life, the best way you can.

Someone I follow through her emails and Facebook was talking this week about our body image and the thoughts and feelings we portray around that. I know for many, especially women, this is a big issue and a very vulnerable place for us.

Something she said recently was paramount. Our opinion of our bodies came from our role models and for most of us that was our mothers. What we heard, what we saw and how they treated themselves. Yes, the outside world plays into this as well, but the biggest model we have, especially when forming opinions of ourselves comes directly from our closest role models.

For me, this gives me hope. Why? Because we each get to change our landscapes. We each get to give up our best selves to someone else and in the process we are empowered too. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

What’s been your experience with self-talk? Does it serve you well or do you struggle to keep it positive? Share below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

PS: If you’re a more private person and don’t wish to share publicly, click here and let’s chat, one on one. I am holding space for you!

Do you operate in your purpose?

God is not concerned

Do you ever those days or weeks where you have less energy, less focus and all around just feel blue? That’s been mine. As I do with all things, I get busy seeking answers. The question on the table is this. Do you operate in your purpose?

My friend Kyle shared his insights from a recent sermon by Joel Osteen that made such an impact on me and so I share with you today.

God uses loss, betrayal, persecution to force us to change. He is pushing you into your purpose.

Every closed door is not a bad thing. Every person that walks away is not a mistake.

When everything is good we are comfortable. We don’t want to have to stretch, cultivate new friends, develop new skills, or step out into the unknown.

We may not like it, but if God has not closed those doors we would have been satisfied to stay where we are.

God loves you too much to let you miss your destiny. You have too much potential, too much talent, too much in you to get stuck where you are.

God will put us in these situations that force us to stretch and force us to grow.

Every difficulty you’ve had is not meant to stop you, it’s meant to push you, to mature you and to make you stronger.

It’s deposited something in you, it’s made you who you are. Don’t complain about what didn’t work. When having difficulties, approach them with the attitude that it is not meant to stop you, it’s meant to promote you.

You may be uncomfortable, you may not like it, but you know God is using it to push you to a new level. To push you into greater influence and to push you into your purpose.

The times in our lives where we have had the greatest shifts have usually come from God closing a door and us being uncomfortable and being pushed into faith and our purpose.

Sometimes we are praying against the very thing God ordained and has set into motion.

Sometimes people and things can become crutches so God causes things to dry up to force us to change.

If people leave your life it means their time was up, step into the new season. If the door closed, don’t complain, you are about to be pushed into your purpose. You are about to see new growth, new opportunities and new friendships.

When you stop being disappointed with what didn’t work out with the in people and opportunities will start to show up.

Job said he was comfortable in his nest. Everything was comfortable just like he wanted. Now God doesn’t bring the trouble but he will use difficulty to help us find our destiny.

Every time I’ve seen major growth or step into a new level, it was because I was being pushed. There was adversity, challenges and loss.

Maybe you are in a situation now, you lost a loved one, went through a break up, a business didn’t work out or your health has suffered greatly. The enemy may have meant that for your harm but God is going to use that for your good. God didn’t allow it to stop you but to push you. Like Job, you’re going to come out stronger, healthier, wiser, increase…better off than you were before.

The pain is a sign that you are about to see birth. The greater the difficulty the closer you are to that birth.

Shake off the self-pity and get ready for the new doors of opportunities, the new skills, the new talents.

When things are stirring in your life, realize God is about to open a new door, take you to a new level and push you into your purpose.

Just like women in labor, you aren’t asked to push until the new birth is ready. So when you are being pushed, realize a new birth is happening.

Just like in the womb things are so peaceful and comfortable but when being birthed we experience pressure and are squeezed and pressured. Pushed and pushed again until then birth and breathes new life.

Pressure and being stretched means God is enlarging you, expanding you.

God loves you too much to let you live in mediocrity. He opens doors and he closes doors if we don’t take the in the will push us.

God is about to push you into a new level, push you into greater strength, greater influence, greater resources. You’re coming into a new season, health, favor, victory, or breakthrough.

Hang on dear ones. The winds that were meant to stop you are going to push you into your purpose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about shifts and challenges you are witnessing in your own lives. I can’t wait to hear from you. Share below.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

I’ve been thinking about you


As I sit here sipping on my hot cup of tea and thinking about the day and the New Year, I’ve been thinking about you also.

Already this year, so many doors have flung themselves open with amazing opportunities that include you. How you might ask?

Well, when I have opportunity to broaden myself, this always comes back to you in many ways. Things like demo or how to classes, which so many of you have asked me to do more of.

Other things like writing for a new Women’s empowerment magazine that’s going to be like Glamour meets Holistic Well Living. It’s called Bella Mia. Look for its debut in March.

I have done and will do more sharing more of me via interviews, fun classes and teaching. Up until now, I’ve been pretty quiet. I hear all the time that people didn’t know what I did or didn’t even know about me.

That’s all about to change. You see, when you believe in yourself enough and have confidence enough in yourself, you’re willing to step up or in my case jump way out of my comfort zone and be seen and heard.

I know so many of you need what I have to offer. The saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” is one of my favorite mantras. The reason being is so obvious.

Until someone introduces you to a new thought or concept or way of doing something, you couldn’t have known about it. It’s that ah ha moment when your world lights up with interest and amazement.

My world has revolved around wellness as far back in my years as I can possibly remember.

From working out with my Mother and siblings with Jack LaLanne to taking multivitamins as a teen to being active and living a relatively healthy life.

What drives me to make the choices I do? The same as you, I believe. When we want something bad enough and it resonates with our core being, we are often times motivated enough to do the work.

The problem arises when we don’t have a big enough reason and don’t really care whether or not we succeed or go after something.

Since I eat, sleep and breathe health, I’ll use it as the example. I think most of us have some kind of digestive disorder. It makes sense given the modern diet we consume and the stress loaded lives that we embark upon each and every day.

Let’s also add to that the busy lives, not enough down time or connection with those we love and cherish and let’s not forget about sleep.

I know some of you have the belief that you’ll get more sleep when you die, don’t worry about it today.

Sleep is actually quit necessary and beneficial to the healing and repairing of your body.

I am thinking about you more than ever. You see, there are more and more of you getting tired and weary of not feeling good and getting the run around in our medical society.

No diagnosis and more tests to treat our lifestyle illnesses. They are more and more rampant and I don’t see it getting better UNTIL you take off the blinders you’ve been wearing and find the mentorship you need to learn the things you don’t know.

It’s time to empower yourself. Unfortunately, no one can do it for you. With that being said, there are those who can help you. Come along side you, guide you, relieve the overwhelm, give you the education you’ve been looking for, teach you what you desire to learn and master.

Knowledge is power and when you have power, you can help take care of your one and only temple, your body.

Who in your life is a mentor to you, someone that has helped you learn things your soul desired and helped you find the path that you didn’t know existed? Share your comments below. If you’re looking for that person to guide you, perhaps we should talk and see where it leads us.

We all need someone in our lives to guide and teach us! Will you make time for you?

To your health,

Kellie Valenti

Holistic Wellness Mentor


Shake things up a bit!


What do I mean by shake things up a bit? Have you ever tried to change things you knew you needed to or had a sudden wake-up call that changed everything?

I recently shared a story that’s been very disturbing to me ever since I heard it.

A young, beautiful woman shared a story that has forever changed how I view our bodies.

She came to me sharing her story of pain, discomfort and knowing that things needed to get shaken up a bit and change.

Imagine having Gerd and such reflux issues that it causes you to have your throat and esophagus stretched.

Is it hard to imagine? My mouth opened wide and I had to make myself close it out of sheer disbelief. Before I’d recovered from that shock, she shared that she had this procedure done twice, yes I said 2 times.

They problem is still there. Do you see that even though she’s had this horrible procedure done two times, it’s only provided here with temporary relief?

I recently saw her again, and she’s now ready to get with me after several months of knowing she needs to change her lifestyle. I told her I was glad she’s ready and I knew she’d eventually be back.

You see, what this story shares is that we all desire change. Some of us want change to occur immediately and aren’t willing to wait for results. Hence the drug companies and doctors that prescribes instant relief.

The problem with instant relief is that it leads you into a false sense of security. You aren’t being healed, you are just masking the symptoms and this drug inevitably will cause the use of another drug because of side effects and so on and so on.

The other side of change is the person who realizes that they want to do whatever it takes to permanently change their lives. This process also has some instant gratification and it also means learning what you don’t know and implementing these different methods in order to actually help our bodies heal.

Our bodies are miraculous. They have been designed in such a way that truly boggles the mind if you were to ever stop and really think about what our bodies do every single second of every day.

Armed with the “toolbox” of healing, our bodies will do the work when armed with the right tools. It really is simple.

In a recent conversation, everything being discussed really came down to the word “Simple.” We as humans, make things difficult and hard. We muck up things or muddy the water.

The great thing is that even when we muck up stuff, we can learn to unmuck and gain a new lease on life.

My tagline says it all…”It’s not about stopping the aging process, It’s about NOT getting old.”

Too many of us have been conditioned to think that just because we age, we automatically have aches, pains, lack of energy, etc.

That’s really not true. It’s just what you’ve been told and because of the way you’ve chosen to live your life, do you suffer from aches and pains and live on many medications.

At some point you’ll realize it really is ALL up to you. For all you control freaks, this should excite you. Your health is in your hands. Stop relying on our medical practioners to fix everything for you.

Learn what you need to learn and ask a lot of questions. Is this prescribed protocol designed to heal me or just mask symptoms?

Do you feel like you have trusted resources around you in order to make an informed decision in regards to my health? If not, reach out to trusted sources and get the answers you are seeking.

No question is a dumb one, only one that still needs answered in order for you to learn what you don’t know.

I’m always open for questions, ask away. The comments below are for the purpose of sharing our journeys together. What’s the most important thing you want to know today?

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

Gratitude and your health


Have you ever thought about gratitude and the role it plays on your health? I am no different than you when it comes to busy days and whirlwind months. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that we’re approaching this time of year.

With all the hustle and bustle also come stress, anxiety and loneliness. Mixed in with all the joy filled days and nights is also lack of sleep, higher stress and perhaps some reliance on more caffeine or alcohol just to get through or as we’re caught up in the celebrations.

This is the time of year that I personally go either way. I’m either extremely ecstatic about all the season brings or I get kind of depressed.

For the couple of years it’s been kind of depressing for me. I don’t know that I can put my finger on exactly why, but I think it has to do with the perception of not being able to do all that I’d like for my family.

While I do much, isn’t it strange that we can conjure up lack in areas of our lives when we really are the most blessed creatures alive?

I know I’m not alone in this thinking. That’s why I thought I’d share my thoughts with you in hopes that together we can join forces and knows we’re not alone and we’re also more than okay.

I think that many think it’s not “normal” to have off days or not to be the energizer bunny all the time. It’s perfectly normal actually; however it’s not talked about a lot.

Also, if we let these “feelings” go unchecked, it really can become unhealthy. We are human and we try to cram more and more onto our already full plates, it’s no wonder that sometimes we really do just need to back down and breathe.

This is the time for us that most have a hard time taking. For instance, do you:

  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Enjoy a nice relaxing bath
  • A quite evening with no TV, just great conversation with yourself and God

You get my drift…as the list could go on and on. I’ve been meditating for a while now and it’s funny to me how I can’t conceive not doing it at this point.

It really does allow some deep reflection and inner peace to take over and it certainly reduces stress.

I am just looking after you as we skate through this wonderful time of year. Even if typically you don’t enjoy it, do me a favor and do something positive and wonderful for you.

You are a wonderfully made creation that deserves all that life has to offer. Even if life has had its share of ups and downs, the way it’s designed to. Look in the mirror and love the reflection looking back.

I watched the most amazing video the other day about a mirror that was created to reflect back positive affirmations from family. The whole point of the clip was to say “You are enough”. We all need affirmation and validation.

So, as you head into your day, remember that you are loved and you are worthy.

You are enough


Holistic Wellness Mentor

PS: Go out today and share something positive with someone else. Maybe it’s a smile, or holding a door open or helping carry something for someone in need or paying it forward. Whatever strikes your fancy, think of doing something for someone else and you’ll be rewarded ten times over.

What Dieticians teach…is it right for you?


As I’ve shared over the last couple weeks, with spending so much time in the hospital with my Mother’s, you learn a lot about traditional medicine and nutrition.

Of course I knew it didn’t jive with much of what I have been taught and in turn teach.

Traditional dieticians, teach, as an example:

  • Low fat
  • Low sodium
  • Margarine vs. butter
  • Lean meats
  • Egg whites vs. whole eggs

This is what they are taught and for that matter what we’ve been taught and marketed to for a lot of years.

The problem with this thinking and way of living is that it leaves us with many deficiencies nutritionally. Aside from the fact that the products born out of these diet protocols are just plain harmful to your health.

When you start eliminating whole food groups, you are also eliminating essential vitamins and minerals.

Not to mention a lot of added sugar, preservatives and unhealthy fats are added for flavor. MSG is also another culprit added to foods for flavoring.

These items don’t make the food better, it does the exact opposite.

What if, you chose to eat all the food groups, leaving nothing out? What if, you chose to eat traditionally, the way God intended for us to eat?

Do you know what that looks like? The sad thing is this, if you were born after 1960 you may not know, unless you were raised by elders who ate traditionally.

My Grandparents and Great-grandparents ate whole foods raised and prepared on their land. They didn’t shop at the local supermarket for their foods. They raised their animals and their fruits and vegetables.

Foods were preserved and stored for winter via fermenting, cold storage and dehydrating.

Prepackaged and convenience was born and history was changed and so was our health.

Today there is more disease and illness than ever before. This coincidence. In the efforts to provide convenience and easier lifestyle living, we are consuming monster foods.

They are slowly killing you. They are robbing you of your health, your quality of life and your brain power.

Do you think that the lethargy or brain fog you might be experiencing is by accident? Or the heartburn and Gerd is just there because of something that upset your system?

Do you think that pictures of rats fed GMO foods developed grotesquely formed tumors is by accident and that it’s perfectly safe for you to be consuming?

It really is time to take off the gloves. I’m tired of talking and you not listening or you listen and then do what you want anyway because you don’t believe or you don’t want to change or it’s too hard or I don’t know where to begin or all the other reasons you feed yourself.

When’s it going to change OR what catastrophe is going to happen in your life for you to change?

Really, it’s sad to say, but change doesn’t often occur for most until something gets so painful it forces change.

I’m not exempt from this painful force either. We all do it to some degree or other and in different areas of our lives.

So when is it enough? How many more illnesses do you need to be diagnosed or suspect you have before you decide you are worth the process of learning and changing your health?

It really all is up to you! You hold the power in your hands. Tough love is what I’m preaching right now because there are many of you that need to hear it.

I truly care, otherwise I’d just throw up my hands and I say I quit. I’ll go take care of myself and my family and let you worry about you.

That honestly would be the easy path for me. It’s however not what I want for any of you and you deserve so much better than what you give yourself.

I’m ready for you to lay down the junk that’s been holding you back. Comment below or send me a message and we’ll walk through the fire together. It’s that easy!

To your health


Holistic Wellness Mentor