Vegetable Soup Mix

Vegetable Soup Mix
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Makes 7 quarts or 14 pints
Vegetable Soup Mix
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Makes 7 quarts or 14 pints
  1. If using fresh tomatoes, blanch them first to easily skin them and cut up. If you haven’t blanched before, bring a large pot of water to a boil, gently crop the tomatoes, a few at a time, into the water. It will only take about 30-60 seconds for the them to be ready. Usually the skin splits a little. Remove them and put into a bath of cold water to stop the cooking and to make them easier to handle. Once cooled enough to handle, remove the skins, core them (removing the stem portion) and cut up into chunks.
  2. Add all the vegetables to a large stock pot. Add broth/water and bring to a boil for about 5 minutes or so. Season with salt and pepper, if using.
  3. Make sure you have clean jars and hot preferably or at least warm, not cold jars. Hot liquid into cold jars doesn’t do well. Leave about an 1” headspace and add your lid.
  4. I processed the jars at 10 pounds of pressure for 75 minutes. Pints would be about 60-65 minutes.
Recipe Notes

NOTE: A similar version has been a Valenti Family staple for years and years. I love the convenience and it’s a great way to enjoy your garden bounty or that of your local markets. I always use organic when possible and highly recommend it for you as well. Eliminating toxins and pesticides leads to a healthy gut system and overall good health.
This is also a great base, which means add meat if you wish or if you like other veggies, feel free to add or replace items. The key is to make something you and your family will eat and enjoy!

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Do you like sweet Kettle Corn?


Ok….be honest! I do…what’s not to like? Popcorn and sugary sweetness all popped together…yum!

This summer I’ve gotten to know a man named Ben who pops Kettle Korn for a hobby and sells his corn at Farmer’s Markets and local festivals.

It’s amazing how many people buy bags at a time…literally 3 or more at a time. These aren’t little bags either. That’s a lot of corn.

What I am really saying is….THAT’S A LOT OF GMO CORN!

A couple of weeks back, I started a heart to heart with Ben about his corn. I said, “Do you know what would make your Kettle Korn even better?” Ben says, “No, what?”

Envision this….Door wide open… (me stepping in) and time for some education 🙂

Shocker, I know!

My only answer at that time was “If you used non-GMO corn.” Now this is where it gets good….are you ready?

His reply, “I don’t know what that is.”

Honesty time here….I’m a little surprised. Ok….I’m more than a little surprised!

So, I’m quickly thinking, how do I broach this subject in the easiest, non-technical possible way?

Which got me to thinking….if Ben doesn’t know, then he has friends that don’t know either, which led me to writing this blog.

You see, I’m passionate about educating. I just shared with a friend this past week that I’ve just always been a teacher. I take in information like a sponge, sift through it and then repeat and share.

It’s just what lights me up. When I can help someone understand and better their life and health because of something I know, why wouldn’t I share, even if they don’t immediately do anything with it.

My hope really is that by planting seeds, some of those seeds will sprout and grow.

Then those plants are able to spread the good news too and there are more of us to share knowledge and information that’s paramount to us living a full and healthy life.

I share this because at some point we all find ourselves having conversations with people and sometimes random topics, like Kettle Korn come up.

I asked Ben if he had heard of Monsanto, DuPont and the like? He has. Good, that’s a start. I explain that corn is the number 1 genetically modified crop. It’s completely permeated, all the way inside the kernel.

Why is this a problem? Because that means unless you are buying an organic certified Non-GMO corn or corn product, you are consuming one of the most toxic foods in our lifetimes.

Of course Monsanto still says it’s completely safe. Why wouldn’t they? They have much to lose if research says otherwise. Which by the way, has! Hence the fight going on between the public, who wants the right to know what’s in their food vs. the Monsanto giants who don’t want you to know.

Not only is corn tolerant of the toxins like roundup, it’s completely permeated into the corn. What this means, you can’t get away from the toxins and chemicals, just by removing the husk.

There are some fruits and vegetables that can be peeled and are safer, still not best, but better.

I don’t know that I made any headway with Ben this round, but what I do know is this. He’s befriended me and we are having more conversations about health.

The seeds are being planted. Ben offered me a bag of his Kettle Korn and because I didn’t want to offend his generous offer, I took it and gave him a loaf of my Sprouted Spelt flour banana bread.

Sweet GMO corn for a slightly sweet healthy bread. I’m in! Fertilization has begun. I didn’t eat the corn by the way, tempting as it was. Sorry Ben! I just can’t do it!

Now, to work on the other ingredients in his sweet popcorn, like his sugar source, another GMO product and his oil source….soy!

Will he change everything over? Time will tell. If I could get him a good source of Non-GMO corn for a great price, I bet he’d consider it!

Next is the sugar. White sugar is sourced from sugar beets, another Monsanto crop.

Ingredient number 2, but we’ll take baby steps.

The biggest reason I’m sharing this story with you today is for 2 reasons….

  1. Awareness and education
  2. Pass this along and plant seeds of your own

Perhaps you’re like Ben and don’t really think about the corn you eat. I bet if you start paying attention to what you’re eating, which means reading labels; you’ll be amazed at how much it’s in!

Just one place to start cleaning up and removing debilitating toxins from your life. Baby steps!

Are you ready for a challenge? How many corn-containing food items can you do without or could you find a non-GMO source for? Post your answers below in the comments section.

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach


PS: If you are stuck, feeling overwhelmed, or just have no idea where to truly start taking your life back, Let’s Talk! No need to wade these waters alone. Even if you’ve tried before, with a well laid out plan, success is possible and so is living your life abundantly, not just getting by.