Is your health all it should be?

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Is your health all it should be? So many times we suffer needlessly with achy joints, belly aches and bloating, irritable bowl, constipation, acid reflux, anxiety, depression and the list really does go on and on.

I say needlessly because often times we have carried these things with us for what seems a lifetime and just have decided that it’s the way things are going to be.

Perhaps you think this because you’ve been to so many doctors and tried so many medications and nothing gets you real relief. Oh you might see it for a bit, but the symptoms or problems always return and usually with a vengeance.

What I know to be true…these are all tied to the health of your “second” brain, the gut system.

When it’s humming along, digesting food properly, allowing nutrients into your bloodstream instead of food particles and you have regular bowel movements (not blowing up the bathroom), you feel great and your body feels great.

So many conversations go like this, see if you can relate.

I went to the Doctor with my list of complaints. It kind of looks like a bowl of spaghetti by the time I’m done explaining all the things that are unseemingly related. Headaches, bowel issues, anxiety, acid reflux, belly bloats, can’t sleep, weight gain, no energy, allergies, and on and on and on.

I feel like no one believes me because they can’t find anything wrong, other than I might be allergic to something and I should stay away from gluten. Let’s try this acid blocker to see if it helps and let’s get the anxiety under control, we’ll start you on a low dose of depression meds, and I’d highly suggest an over the counter allergy medication and let’s not forget to take something for the irregular bowel movements or too frequent. Let’s also get you on a good sleep aid at night to help with better sleep, which should then help with the lack of energy.

Kind of feels like your chasing after everything that’s wrong doesn’t it? The sad reality is this…it isn’t.

Medications just mask the issue. They provide temporary relief and often times causes other reactions and issues, which leads to more meds and more issues. Hence the bowl of spaghetti affect.

The really cool thing is this…when we “heal and seal” the gut lining, we fight inflammation and we detox, the body has a fighting chance to actually heal itself.

So often though, we are just told to eliminate the “foods or things” that cause us irritation. You do feel better, but only as long as you avoid these items. What happens when you eat gluten, or soy or you come into contact with certain things that cause a panic attack or that cause an allergic reaction?

Your body reacts and it does this because it’s still sensitive and hasn’t been given the right tools to actually start healing itself.

Part of the process that is often overlooked is lifestyle. This comes in the form of foods, stress, environment, and toxins and often comes in the form of lack of knowledge.

Don’t fret if this is you. We all start somewhere and I’m all about teaching in baby steps so you don’t become overwhelmed and then don’t do anything.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is the gift of knowledge and time. Making the right connections for you and being armed with the right tools will turn your life around. You will no longer just get by or feel old and tired. Isn’t it time you decided what’s important to you and go after it?

What’s been holding you back from taking this most important step in your life? Let’s share here in this safe place, comment below and let’s journey together.

If you’d love to help you figure out what’s the next most important step for you. Let’s talk and get you pointed in the right direction.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

Do your nerves need calmed?


Do you ever feel like you are stressed and wired and that you need your nerves calmed down?

Have you ever correlated your health to your nerves or nervous system?

I have to be honest, up until a couple of years ago; I hadn’t really studied that particular connection. It might seem a little odd, given that I’m really a health advocate, but the honest truth is, I didn’t have a need.

Until, that is…I was involved in a rear-end collision while traveling. Me, being me, I thought that the pain I felt in my neck would get better and go away.

After a couple of months, when it didn’t and I found myself looking for some relief, I was led to an amazing Chiropractor.

Now, I’m embarrassed to even say this, but my thoughts of Chiropractic care up to this point, was that they just want you to come back over and over again with no real relief.

This conjecture was purely from hearsay of other folks who had their own experiences and I conjured up my own, based on false thoughts.

Perhaps you’ve had similar beliefs and thoughts about such things in your life. It really comes down to what we don’t know.

In this case, was I ever in for an enlightened awakening. I sought out a good practitioner that came highly recommended and he and his young family were just starting up a family practice.

I got an education and all of a sudden my world opened up to receive great and new information, to me anyway.

You see, I had never taken the time to understand how our nervous system controlled our bodies and this same system is connected to our spine, hence chiropractors are associated with the back. If our nerves were in our nose, they would be nose doctors. Make sense?

Needless to say, I discovered that I also was dealing with an old neck injury and the accident tipped the scale and exacerbated the underlying issues.

Through a course of appropriate treatments I am glad to say today, I’m in amazing shape and I now believe in preventative and maintenance care of the spine and nervous system too.

Ironic isn’t it? I’ve always been “into” health and never considered this to be a part of my regular preventive care until it became necessary.

I think that this probably happens for many of us in one regard or other. We don’t seek out appropriate care, for whatever is ailing us, until we’re forced to.

How I would prefer it, is to become wise before we need it and are forced to make decisions when perhaps we’re not equipped to. Have you ever tried to make a life changing decision when you’re stressed and operating in a flight or fight response?

Our brains don’t necessarily think of everything and we just want relief now, so we might just do what’s easiest at the time, not necessarily what’s the best.

Sound familiar?

This is all surfacing for me again, as this week I listened to a doctor of Chiropractic, explain how he works with families specifically, their young children with ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Asperger’s, Seizures, Allergies and so much more.

All of this is linked to our nervous system, which is naturally a part of the spinal column. When children are born, there is much trauma that happens in a child’s neck area, even if you’ve been told that you had a “normal” safe delivery.

Now envision if that child was born with trauma, like forceps or suction or even worse, a “C-section”. Fast forward to many adults who’ve never had proper alignment of their nervous system.

I’m not aware of parents being told to take their newborn babies to a pediatric chiropractor following birth and why they should. Just think if they were though.

There would be less trouble breastfeeding, less colic, less ear infections, less allergies, less everything.

This does include drugs too. You see, what’s commonly prescribed when a child has an inner ear infection? Antibiotics of course.

What about for ADHD? More drugs. For most ailments, there is a drug attached to the illness.

This article isn’t to be inclusive of everything a chiropractic doctor does and/or treats. It’s really just to open you to possibility thinking. What if?

The great news is this….even if you’ve never been to a chiropractor and you suspect that now that you’re armed with a little more information, you just perhaps could benefit from having your nerves calmed down, seek out a trusted doctor.

There are many ways to find one you know, like and trust. Ask family and friends who they see and what their experiences have been.

If you have a child or grandchild that has anything like I described above, ask around for someone that specializes in children.

I’m blessed to have a couple of them in my neck of the woods. One of them gets referrals from family physicians all the time when they see children come in with ear infections, beginning stages of asthma, allergies, etc.

This doctor knows that good chiropractic nervous system care does solve problems.

What’s been your experience with chiropractors? I was vulnerable with you, now it’s your turn. This is exactly how we help each other. I can’t wait to see your responses below.

To your health


Holistic Health Coach

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