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Over three years ago I stopped going through the full body scanners at airports because I suspected that I wasn’t getting the full story about the harm these scanners do and opted for the “pat down” which is uncomfortable the first time you have to experience it, but you may wish to opt for this too after reading this.

Post 911, air travelers are herded through checkpoint corrals into a anti-terrorism full body scanner.

The transportation Security Administration (TSA) claims these so-called advanced imagining technology devices are just as safe as traditional metal detectors. Is this really the truth?

While the technology has changed since post 911 from backscatter x-ray tunnels to a different type of screening technology that is said to be safer, the millimeter wave machine, I’m still skeptic as we all should be.

If you were to look at the TSA’s FAQ page, millimeter wave imaging technology “uses harmless electromagnetic waves to detect potential threats, which are highlighted on a generic outline of a person appearing on a monitor attached to the unit. If no anomalies are detected, an ‘OK’ appears on the screen with no outline.”

This is so misleading. The government really doesn’t want you to know that the doses of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the TSA’s millimeter wave technology machines can cause cancer.

This same technology is used in the very treatment of skin cancer, because it has known skin heating properties, means it has an effect on our human cells. This heating is caused by microwave frequencies entering our skin and inducing a certain level of atomic motion with the cellular structure. Basically, the millimeter wave radiation microwaves our skin.

Of course not everyone agrees, but most scientists agree that any amount of radiation poses at least some level of risk. We have a right to know both this level of risk and what we can to minimize or eliminate it.

These scanners act as a giant microwave that literally heats travelers’ bodies at the cellular level using ultra-high frequencies not normally found in nature.

Microwave ovens operate at nearly the same frequencies as these machines. The cause cellular vibrations strong enough to generate heat in food, so can you imagine what they are doing to your skin?

So you might be thinking, well I’m not a bowl of soup and getting zapped for 30 seconds, however the principal is still the same, especially when you take into account the repeated exposures and that the millimeter wave radiation, which disrupts cellular communication in ways that science hasn’t yet fully realized.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that millimeter waves not only heat the skin but also damage eyesight and cause cancer, particularly of the skin.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found preliminary evidence that these low levels may affect the immune system, which means the body may be less able to fight off sickness and disease.

In the end, you might want to do as I’ve done and skip the full body scanner and opt out of the TSA screening process. By choosing the manual “pat down” you can minimize your radiation exposure and thus minimize the risk of developing cancer. While it may take a couple minutes longer to go through this portion of security, in the long run, you and your health will thank you.

What has been your experience been with airport scanners? Have you asked to opt-out?

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