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Vibrant Health BannerAre you tired of being overwhelmed about your health?

Let me help you break it down step by step and together we’ll build a strong vibrant foundation

  • Are you tired of not doing anything for fear of doing it wrong?
  • Are the compounding illnesses getting out of hand?
  • Have you received the straw that broke the camel’s back?
  • Have your children or grandchildren been diagnosed with a major illness or disease?
  • Don’t know how to cook properly for your family?
  • Fear of not having enough time to properly prepare and shop?
  • Are you just tired?

I have been there….fear not, you are not alone. I often wondered how in the world I’d ever learn all the stuff I didn’t even realize I didn’t know. Sound familiar?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I know I need to do this…I just have no idea where to even begin.” Or, “I hear so much information that my mind goes into overdrive and I feel like I am so overwhelmed”  that you just shut down?

Me too….it’s human nature to take in too much at one time. What happens for most, we just don’t do anything.

Oh, you know you should, but…it’s easier to stay in our old comfortable way of life, even if it’s painful. The only time you will take any kind of action is if the pain gets too big or someone comes along and makes you believe that you really can tackle the overwhelm.

Have you ever thought perhaps you were insane for having thoughts of not really caring about your health or that of your families, all because it seemed so daunting?

Overwhelm puts you in a state of unawareness. I like to think of this kind of like the ostrich. You know the tale…act like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand…pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

Have you ever found yourself doing this…just because it was easier?

I have too!

Imagine this….

  • What if you didn’t have to think about all the things you need to learn?
  • What if you had some one that would literally build you a foundation that was solid?
  • What if the foundation provided took all the guess work out of what you don’t know?
  • What if you could take baby steps in order to feel safe and allows you to release the fear and overwhelm?

Now you can…

By coming along side me, I can take all your fears away. I can help you build each of the stepping stones that are needed in order to gain good sound, healthy building blocks for your foundation.

When you have the foundation, it’s easy to start building from there. If you have a foundation that’s built on soft crumbly sand, what happens when the tide comes in?

You got it, the water knocks down your walls and starts carrying the sand back out to sea.

With a rock solid foundation, you can withstand life’s little upsets, as they happen to all of us. You’re body and life is stronger and able to handle what gets tossed in the ring.

What’s your current foundation look like? Do you even have one? Maybe, it’s partially there, just don’t know what steps to take next? Maybe it used to be there, but you’ve fallen by the way side because you allowed life to take over…don’t fret, it happens.

The biggest obstacle for most is just getting started. I find that once the ball is rolling with a solid plan underneath us, we’ll be fine as long as we build for a lifetime and learn what we need to learn.

Accountability is a crucial piece. I am a master at helping you set your goals and then helping you stick to them and achieve them.

I have been wading in this pool of health for most of my life to one degree or other…I’ve trudged through the muck and know what it takes to help you succeed, even if you’ve tried things before and didn’t succeed.

Why am I so confident…because I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be so afraid that I froze and didn’t do anything. I know what’s it’s like to think that I have to know everything there is about health before I would do anything or that everything had to be “Just so” before taking that next step.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams and the killer of life! When you allow it to take over your life, what’s life really offering you? More stress, less desire, and perhaps something that isn’t completed to your best.

My expertise in the health field began in early days of first owning a women’s fitness business. We strictly catered to woman. As in most gyms, it was full of mirrors, loud upbeat music and lots of energetic staff to help you get great results.

Before I owned the gym, I was a personal trainer to private clients and I was a group fitness instructor…I taught aerobics.

Those days began because of my lifelong love of health and fitness. I am addicted to great health. I have a passion that drives me to want the same for everyone.

I have a deep desire to help as many people as will talk to me. I open my mouth and so much stuff comes out that sometimes it feels overwhelming to people…I know when I get the “dazed and confused” look, it’s time to be quiet. Information overload.

It’s just that when you’re passionate about what you do, it kind of erupts like a volcano, at least it does for me.

This eruption usually is followed by the question…”how do you know so much?”

Years of living, researching, being involved with great groups and organizations and just a plain wiliness to constantly keep digging and learning.

Check out these testimonials:

“As a result of working with Kellie, my IBS is manageable for the first time in more years than I can count…it’s like I’ve been given my freedom back.”

Rinda – Wapakoneta

“Chloe loves your fermented veggies…she wants them in her lunch too. Thank you so much. Her immune system is strong this year due to all this awesome food…you’re the best!

Stacy – Spencerville

“Thanks for all the great work you’re doing as “The Gut Lady”. Implementing this lifestyle has literally saved my life.”

Jered – Lima

Program benefits:

Big question for you….what do you want your life to be like?

  • Less Stress
  • Reduce the overwhelm
  • Better health
  • Have confidence in preparing wholesome and nutritious foods
  • Stop the negative mind chatter
  • Reduce the fear of the unknown

Perfect…I can do all of that and more.

As a result of this program your body will no longer be a breeding ground for disease and illness. If you find that you’ve got a few stubborn pounds that won’t seem to disappear, like magic, they’ll disappear.

Getting out of bed in the morning will no longer feel like a chore and you’ll feel more energetic, clear headed, no more brain fog.

Because of the clear, focused head, you’ll find you excel in other areas of your life. I call that a sweet bonus.

You see, when we desire from the heart and we have a good mentor to lead, all the pieces fall into place.

It leaves you with a feeling of peace and calm. Life’s got enough stress in it without worrying any more about your health.

We’ll create a step-by-step plan to guide you through building a solid foundation of health under you.

No more worry, fear, or overwhelm. No more beating yourself up because you didn’t know better and no more disliking you.

Do you realize just how much of our daily self-talk is negative? Let’s put an end to that and work on self-love and all that you do right.

You are worthy…when you believe, you achieve! I’m here with you every step of the way. I’m you’re biggest cheerleader and fan!

Let’s climb this mountain, hang your flag of victory and achieve amazing, vibrant health together! This is what you’ll also get…

What you get:

  • Two 60-minute group training calls per month
  • One 30-minute private call per month
  • Membership in a private Facebook group
  • Tools and handouts to help you along the way
  • Access to me via text, email, phone and Facebook group
  • Learn how to shop, what foods to buy and don’t break the bank
  • So much more life changing inspiration

Who should join?

  • If you’re ready to debunk the health mystery
  • Anyone ready to take their health seriously
  • Want to learn the foundational benefits to a lifelong health journey
  • If you are ready to learn, be empowered and live vibrantly
  • If you’re ready to feel empowered about life and health


So, the burning question…if not now…when? Why settle for poor health when there is vibrant health right around the corner!

Value: Priceless

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I’m applauding you right now…because you made it this far, I know you’re serious about your health and that of your families health.

I also know that you want results and benefits…otherwise why commit to changing your lifestyle and your life, right?

It’s not about what I think, although I think a lot…that’s why you’re here…to pick my brain of all the wealth of knowledge and glean the benefits.

You want to build a youthful, vibrant, healthy you that has a solid foundation under you and your family. Without that, it’s like the tide rolls in and washes away your castle.

Don’t let that happen, let’s dive in together, hands locked for the haul and turn your life into the one you’ve always dreamed possible.

Throw fear, overwhelm, and indecision out the door, it’s your time now to claim your stake in the mountain of life!

What a wild journey this promises to be…you and me, all the way baby!

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