What would you sacrifice for a loved one?


Have you ever really thought about what you actually do when someone isn’t well? What would you sacrifice for a loved one? Most of us say, we’d do anything and everything for them, if we could.

Would it be your finances or your time or something else?

For most of us, we say we’ll do whatever it takes but here’s where the rubber meets the road. When given the opportunity to invest in learning all there is to learn and apply that in life, unless it’s really important, most won’t do it.

I remember many times wanting so badly to attend a seminar because I highly valued the content and the speaker and yet I couldn’t see myself investing the necessary money for the event ticket and then the additional travel costs as well.

What it really came down to was that it truly wasn’t that important or I would have come up with a way to get myself there.

The flipside of that is that I’ve also invested in myself when there seemed to be no feasible way to accommodate the extra expense.

Like the first time I hire a coach. I wanted it badly. I was willing to do whatever it took and that’s exactly what I did. I also remember being really scared and trying to talk myself out of it. In the end, I wanted the results more than the financial discomfort.

I think health in general is one of those double edge swords. We either truly want it more than anything and therefore will do whatever it takes to achieve it or we say we want it, but not really. We only partially do what’s necessary.

Take losing weight. It’s an age old problem. You might say you want to lose 20 pounds and you might actually start out doing okay but what happens pretty quickly? You get tired of the structure or the limitations. Let’s face it, diets are not something people can maintain for long periods of time and they aren’t actually how most of us live.

Until the mindset is in place to really want something, we creatures of habit, won’t make the sacrifices necessary to change our current habits.

I love my comfort foods and my sweets. I also love convenience. How about you? What are some of your vices?

Acknowledging these is a good start and a place to make a connection with what’s real and doable.

For instance, I make sourdough pizza crusts and sourdough flatbread tortillas. Both of these are what I would call convenience foods and yet because of the way they are made, they are a healthy convenient alternative to store bought junk.

I am reminded all the time about the wisdom and knowledge that I have and take for granted. While others struggle to know what to do on a daily basis or get so overwhelmed by all the information out there.

My mission and goal is to be a good resource for you, to provide a sounding board for questions and a safe place to share your wisdom, your desire to learn more and to walk away with a nugget or two that you can implement.

What’s the point of gaining a lot of information with no action? It’s time to think of yourself as your loved one. When do you become important enough to finally take back your life and your health? You would do it for your family member, why not you?

What’s your biggest obstacle to obtaining the information and help you need? Share your comments below and let’s see what we can make happen together.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

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