Do the health headlines in the news alarm you?


Do the health headlines in the new alarm you? They sure do me. Every single day there’s something else being reported that’s in our food.

It’s really discouraging to me and quite frankly…alarming!

I had a friend share a news report this week about toxins that are a lot of big brand chocolates. Think lead and cadmium.

I mean, come on. Now they are going to mess with my chocolate?

Unfortunately the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the FDA (Federal Food and Drug) both confirmed it.

If you are familiar with Vani Hari (Food Babe) then you know that she’s an advocate for blowing the whistle on big food manufacturer’s and the crap that they are knowingly putting into food products that are consumed widely, and getting them to change.

For these companies, it’s really all about bigger profits, not about what it does to our health.

Another article this week was talking about propylene glycol that’s added to many popular foods and drinks as a thickener or as a sweetener. It’s like putting an antifreeze compound in your food.

While it was reported “safe” to consume…are you kidding me? Why would you want it in there to begin with? Does anyone else see this as a problem?

Do the manufacturers feed these chemical laden foods to their families?

Is it no wonder that we have all the illness and disease in this country?

Do you ever wonder why so many of these “safe food additives” are banned in other countries and not the great USA?

The latest that’s about to hit store shelves…GMO apples. Guaranteed not to brown when they are exposed to air…and we wanted this?

The kicker with this one is that they don’t have to be labeled as such. If you are buying conventional apples, (which you shouldn’t be anyway, as they are a dirty fruit on the EWG dirty dozen list) then you have no way of knowing if the apples you are eating are GMO or not.

What I want to know is this. How bad does it really have to get before more people wake up and use their God-given right to exercise their voice and their choice?

In my opinion, it’s BAD now!

We need to back up our sister states who have been fighting this battle of GMO labeling laws.

You need to wake up before it’s too late and you have no health or quality of life left.

If you are waiting on someone else to take care of it…STOP IT!

There isn’t anyone coming to your rescue. You and you alone…are your best and worst enemy.

When and only when your health becomes important to you, will change take place.

I’m passionate about you and your health, even if you aren’t yet! Why? Because it’s that important to me!

I can’t wait to see the day when the AWAKENING comes!

What happens? You get a gut check and shocked that this tragic occurance happened to you and then you get mad and fight back!

That’s a happy day, in my opinion!

Only when you take this seriously, will serious change occur!

So what if you tell me….I am serious. Are you really? Are you constantly making changes every single day towards improving your health?

Have you given up the prepackaged foods? What about the drive thru restaurants that are making you sick? Have you given up the pop or soda What about the candy or sweets?

These are all vices and habits that you’ve acquired and hold you hostage. You need a solid foundation under you and I’m here to help you do that, when, of course, you are ready!

What’s your biggest challenge with sticking to a health and wellness plan?  I’d love to hear them so together we can make a plan. I’m offering up my time for f*ree, take advantage of it.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

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P.S.S. Rant over…for today anyway 🙂

Toxicity and Skincare: Ever wonder how it affects your health?


A few weeks ago brought up a conversation about acne. So I posed the question… ever wonder how it affects your health?

It’s kind of an odd question really, but there is a direct correlation between your skin breakouts, like acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. and gut health that most don’t know about and actually are surprised by it.

If scientists are saying that the gut is considered the “2nd brain,” would you agree that it controls most bodily functions and go so far as to agree that if your gut isn’t healthy, the rest of you isn’t healthy?

A lot to take in isn’t it? When we frame a question like this one, it allows our brains to think about situations in a slightly different way. It plants seeds of doubt or of insight, depending on what’s being presented.

Either way, a seed has been planted for us to either put away for later use (I call this my back pocket) or to research and dig into further at the present time.

Today, I propose we dig into toxicity and skincare and gut health. When our world is toxic, from the foods we eat, to the air we breathe to the products we use in our homes and on our bodies, our health pays a price.

Toxins are everywhere. Even those of us who pay special attention to exposure, will still be affected. It’s the world we live in. We can, however, limit how much by some changes.

One of the biggest organs of our body is our skin. A vast majority of what we put on it gets absorbed into the body. Once there, some of these toxins wreak havoc on our system causing illness and disease.

This then led me to an email that I received from EWG (Environmental Working Group) talking about their fabulous tool called Skin Deep which is a Cosmetics Database.

They are finally mobile so you can have a cool app on your phone and while shopping can search a product and get a score of how toxic the product is or if it passes their testing to be deemed safe to use.

It rates all the ingredients in a particular product and gives an overall score. I love it, no more guesswork and taking a manufacturer’s word for just truly how good a product is.

We all know that marketing is done to sell a product. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all facts stated are true and in our best interest.

If you’d like to check out this great tool for yourself, as well as a few other incredible apps they have, like their sunscreen app, food scores, healthy cleaning, pesticides and produce, as well as others, check them out at and be prepared to be educated on what’s perhaps been affecting your health all along and you didn’t even know it.

I find that the less we have to think about what to use and what not to use and there’s someone that’s a trusted source that has taken a lot of the guess work out of it, kudos to them and yea for us for plugging in.

What products have you successfully been able to purchase or make to reduce the toxic load in your skincare or household? I’m looking forward to your comments below.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

Are you ever overwhelmed by the subject of health?


Over the last few years I have methodically been changing over household cleaners, laundry products, and skincare products to those with less impact on my toxicity load. This leads me to asking the question, are you ever overwhelmed by the subject of health?

I recently had a conversation with a client about the health of her teenage daughter who has been recently diagnosed with digestive disorders. She shared that her daughter has been obsessed with researching all things that affect health and how our bodies react to them.

She shared her recent rant about the toxicity of laundry soup and did her Mom know just how bad it is for them. Of course her Mom did, but had tried making her own soap before but because they have hard water didn’t feel like it cleaned as well as commercial soaps did, so she reverted back to what was easy, not necessarily better.

Sound familiar?

Part of this same conversation was a disclosure of what her doctor told her about her daughter’s research fever and distress over everything health related. It was explained that persons who have health challenges tend to create more anxiety over their situation and can and often do go overboard and that she should limit her exposure to the internet and any source where she could read more.

Basically, stop reading and researching.

I have to tell you, this has sat heavy on me for days now. For one, we shouldn’t ever squelch someone’s desire to learn. I think that we should encourage and at the same time, make a priority list of things to work on changing.

I do agree that for some overwhelm sets in which creates anxiety and then more stress and nothing gets accomplished.

When you can create an actionable plan to tackle what you want and/or need to learn, break it down into bite sized pieces and check off items from your list, you’ll accomplish more than trying to do it all at the same time, which almost always leads to frustration and overload.

I did give suggestions for buying a commercial product that’s environmentally friendly and free from toxins for her laundry until she can research better options for her homemade laundry product to combat her hard water challenges.

This is just one area of change that most don’t initially think of and probably in the grand scheme of things might not be ranked right up there with must do things at the beginning.

What I mean by this is when you are first on the journey to better health, generally speaking, most of us would not initially think about laundry soap, household cleaners, air fresheners, etc. as our first line of defense.

Most of us would think of changing our diets and/or fitness regimes, correct? For others that have been on this journey for a bit and feel like this is the next best step, there is much to learn and tackle. Baby steps is always best.

Squelch overwhelm in its tracks. Pick one thing you’ll tackle first and master and treasure that sweet victory, check it off your list. Then pick something else and repeat the above process. Treasure the victory and keep moving forward.

The best suggestion I heard recently, keep a calendar with your wish list of health-related goals. Right a little goal each month, or there might be a couple of them. Make a note about how it went and what you accomplished.

If by chance you didn’t get something done that month, just move it to the next month and over a period of time you can reflect back on all that you’ve been able to accomplish and celebrate how far you’ve journeyed.

What has been your experience with tackling new health goals? Share below so we can all be on the journey together.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor


Digestion: Do you know what causes most diseases?

Red woman with studio

Have you noticed a theme with my messages now for a while? If not, it’s been a lot about our guts, yours and mine!


Did you know that it’s considered our 2nd brain and responsible for 70-80% of your immune system health?


That’s a great responsibility. So can you imagine if your digestion isn’t functioning properly and your gut isn’t healthy what can happen?


Probably not, as it’s truly mind boggling to think of ALL the diseases that happen as a result of gut issues.


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of leaky gut. In short, this is where the walls of your intestine literally start breaking down and allow food particles into your blood stream, which causes inflammation, which leads to a multitude of diseases and illnesses.


Poor gut health and leaky gut can be attributed to so many things like:


  • Chronic illness (think autism, autoimmune diseases, depression, etc.)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Weight gain
  • Energy and mood swings
  • Lack of energy to make it through your day
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Food Cravings
  • Food allergies
  • Skin irritations (acne, dry skin, rashes, etc.)
  • Sickness (not feeling up to par a lot)
  • Concentration issues (lack of focus)
  • Just to name a few


I know that many of you have these issues, why? Because most do these days due to the lifestyles that we lead and the foods that we consume.


Not only that, but the environment that we subject ourselves too as well. The toxins we take in through the air we breathe, both outside and inside play a role too.


You may be thinking that I’m just a bowl full of pessimism these days. Quite the contrary, educating and teaching and getting you to open your eyes and ears to some truths.


That’s how we learn and if we hear something long enough, perhaps we’ll start to believe and when we believe, we’ll start taking the necessary steps to do something about our health.


I talk to so many of you who have and still do rely solely on what your Doctor tells you, which isn’t in your best interest, unless you are seeing someone well educated in nutrition or a Homeopath or the like.


I’m not blaming our medical system, so don’t send me hate mail. But at some time, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our health.


We can’t always rely on someone else to fix it. I’m going to burst your bubble now too…..THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL OR DRUG!


Ok, I’ve said it. The magic is you. Getting smart, taking charge of learning what you need to learn, doing what you need to do, hiring a coach, giving up your junk food, etc.


It really is in your hands entirely. You have the power to change your circumstances should you so choose.


Therein lays the problem though. Most of us would rather complain and blame than do the hard work that’s necessary to reclaim your health.


You’d also rather sick back and let life pass you by and be in pain than do something about it.


I just had a conversation with a woman who has Gerd so bad that she’s had her throat stretched multiple times, has major problems with her esophagus and knows she needs to do something, but is finding herself frozen because the whole process is overwhelming.


Do you find this to be true for yourself? If so, that’s why I’m here. I truly do care about your health. I keep saying that, at some point, hopefully you’ll believe it and believe in yourself enough to take charge and take action.


Your general health is really reliant on the health of your gut. Period. If you don’t think so, I beg you to rethink your position and seek out some help and reliable information.


I have opened up my calendar to accommodate your questions, you, of course have to take action and click here to schedule time with me to seek out the assistance you desire and deserve.


To your health,




Holistic Health Coach




PS: Are you still deciding if your health is truly important to you? Let’s look at the cost factors, shall we? What do you suppose it will cost you to pay your doctor, your hospital, your pharmacist, your lab tech and any other’s I didn’t mention? Do you know what it costs to have heart disease, autoimmune disease, or cancer? Click here to talk….your life depends on it and so does your wallet.


What’s your gut say about you?



When I ask you the question, what’s your gut say about you? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s something like, it’s always bloated, or I have gas a lot, or I seem to catch all the bugs going around.

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you heard that anywhere from 70-80% of your immune system comes from the health of your gut? This is why in some circles it’s referred to as your second brain.

There is so much going on inside our gut, it’s like a little city all of its own. It’s actually quite amazing. I read an interesting take on our immune system from my friend Wardeh that I thought I’d share because it helps put this into an easy to understand perspective.

A layer of bacteria protects the gut wall, also known as the digestive tract. In a healthy adult, that bacteria weighs between 2 and 4 ½ pounds. This is the heart of the immune system and here’s why.

Think of the digestive tract like a pasture. The gut wall itself is the soil. The beneficial bacteria that reside there are the various grasses, herbs and legumes covering the soil. These plants, a highly organized system, act as protection against invasion and erosion. There are some opportunistic plants in the pasture too, as well as various passerby floating in the wind, but the healthy plants keep everything at bay and tightly regulated by out-competing it all.

However, if the beneficial plants in this pasture are damaged, the soil will be exposed to anything else that comes along and takes root, such as a virus, fungus, pathogen, or toxin. Over time, further erosion and stripping occurs. Eventually, the enemy invaders may take over completely. They will continue damaging the soil, sucking up nutrients and spreading disease.

Remember, this analogy is about the gut and the microbial population. But don’t think for a second that what happens there is isolated. No, our overall health is intimately tied to this balance of organisms. When the good buys are in charge, they facilitate efficient absorption of nutrients from food. They neutralize potential toxins and anti-nutrients. They produce antibiotic, anti-tumor, anti-viral, and anti-fungal substances. And certainly not last or least, the acids they give off make the gut all an uncomfortably acidic place for pathogens.

There is so much evidence that suggests that compromised gut health leads to development of food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. There are many others, including myself that believe that good gut health can improve these conditions, as well as reverse or significantly improve diseases such as depression, autism, dyslexia and other mental diseases.

This circles back to my belief in eating or consuming fermented foods and beverages daily as a way to supply our bodies with beneficial organisms to keep the health of our gut running smoothly. When our gut works optimally, it has the ability to nourish the rest of our body, which also includes the immune system.

The end result in this…..your immune system relies on the health of your gut. How healthy is yours?

I mentioned fermented foods and beverages as some of the sources for helping your gut stay healthy or if already compromised, help heal it or greatly improve it.

My love for fermented foods came about as an experiment really. The more I’ve dabbled in and taught classes of how to, the more I truly love the magnificent abilities that these foods have.

Not only is it a way to be super-efficient with our resources, saves time and money, but it has the ability to give so much more! Not only the pure pleasure of eating or drinking them, but the art and craft of preparing them.

Have you tried any fermented foods or consumed any fermented drinks? If so, what was your experience? Share below. I can’t wait to read your comments.

Here’s to abundant health,


Heal thyself….how important is this to you?

Yoga and fitness

Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to be pain free, have an abundance of energy, be at optimal weight and not have all the stress that comes with not feeling well?

I have and that’s why it’s been on my heart to share the information that I know regarding our amazing body’s ability to heal itself.

When you allow the body to be free of all the “junk” that we are told is good for us by the “food” industry and the “big ag” industry and supply our bodies with good wholesome nutrients, it’s really amazing how the body knows what to do.

It’s not my accident, it’s purely by design. I’ve often thought about an architect and their abilities. They envision what something will look like in their mind and then design the outcome. I believe our bodies were created in much the same way.

Everything is “designed” to work seamlessly together and it doesn’t let us down unless we let it down. Do you understand what I mean by that?

For example: when I eat foods that I don’t normally eat, like commercial potato chips and overly processed foods that are either greasy or sugar laden, I know it. Why? Because my body wasn’t designed to be fed these things and it’s objecting to the fuel source.

Another way to think about this is to think about your car. It has an engine that obviously makes it run, whether it’s fueled by fuels or electricity, it still needs fed. So if you a put in the wrong kind of fuel, it’s not going to perform as you’d like it to.

Yet another way to think about this is the fuel filter in your car. The purpose is to filter out all the dirt and debris that would otherwise stop your engine from functioning. This is kind of like the purpose of your liver. It’s the filter for our bodies.

So, do you see how if we continually feed ourselves bad fuel, that our liver gets overworked, clogged and overtime our bodies can’t do the functions that they were designed to do?

In other words, it rebels against us. Often times it shows up in the form of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, etc., etc., etc. Do you get the idea?

So, what are you feeding your body? Is it the proper fuel needed for optimal efficiency or are you feeding it cheap fuel that’s just breaking it down over time?

I know it’s not easy to always eat the right things. I’m not perfect either. I love sweets and pizza and my wine and beer. The key really is moderation AND making better choices.

An example, when I make sweets, I use better choices for sweeteners and really reduce the amount of sweet needed to pull it off and still be satisfying. As for pizza, well, yes I sometimes enjoy my favorite pizza place and I buy organic wine and the beer, it’s just nice on a hot summer night after you’ve worked hard all day.

The idea is to not punish yourself. I would love for you to get to the 80-20 place. What do I mean by this? 80% of the time you’re putting in great fuel, no processed foods, sugars and pops, etc. and foods that actually help your body heal, like bone broth, fermented and cultured foods and consuming sourdough breads instead of white and most wheat, as examples.

The other 20% of the time, leaves you open to the human factor, which is we’re all accustomed to eating fast food, buying packaged foods and when you eat out, the food quality isn’t always top notch.

Do you think that if you had a plan to get you to 80% you’d follow it? What if you were recently diagnosed with a serious illness or disease? Do you think you’d be able to ditch all the “crap” you’ve been putting in and seek out the help you need to allow your body to start healing itself?

If this interests you, I’d love to hear from you, as I have solutions and my kitchen is brimming with healing foods. Use the contact me box on this page and I’ll get back with you soon. Please feel free to share this as well. We’re here together.

I’m in this for you and your health and I have soooo much to share! From my kitchen to yours!


MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) 101: Consumer beware!



Is this a friend or a foe? If you guessed foe, you’re absolutely right. I went on a search a while back to see just what the big deal is regarding MSG and boy was I surprised at just how far the food industry and big Ag is willing to go.

I’m really not sure why I’m surprised, but nonetheless, I am. I often wonder what they eat in their homes. Is it something completely different than we do?

Kind of like the government health insurance. They don’t have the same plan as is offered to us, so do they grow and consume different food too?

I mean, they can’t completely ignore all the studies that have been done, can they? It makes me think of an ostrich, sticking its head in the sand. If I can’t hear or see you, it mustn’t be true!

Monosodium Glutamate: what exactly is it? It’s actually a form of concentrated salt that’s added to food to enhance the flavor. This salt version of glutamic acid is actually an amino acid that out bodies produce on its own. However, the MSG we find in stores and restaurants are obtained from the fermentation of carbohydrates such as wheat, corn, beets, sugar cane or molasses.  Because it’s considered a fermentation of “natural” products (it’s still processed), the FDA allow MSG to have the labeling of a “natural flavoring”.

You might be asking, what’s the big deal? Good question. The food industry uses MSG to boost the flavor of really low quality and cheaper ingredients. In other words, cheap food doesn’t taste good, so we’ll lace it with MSG.

There are so many studies that confirm that MSG is addictive. What this means, you crave it, without knowing you are. The body reacts to the surge in the production of insulin from the pancreas. What insulin does is consume sugar. With elevated sugar levels, comes the drop after, leaving you hungry.

What do we do, we eat more of the food that’s causing this reaction in the first place, starting the vicious cycle all over again and again and again.

Over time, long term effects of MSG and its consumption are known to cause many symptoms and illnesses. MSG is classified as an exotoxin, which means that it causes cell death, which seems to affect the brain the most.  There are some serious health concerns like with this comes many such things as brain tumors, brain cell death, seizures, migraines and headaches, strokes, hypoglycemia, as well as hives, itching, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, asthma, depression, and heart irregularities. This very toxin as also been thought to be associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Hmmmm….and the FDA says that this toxin is okay so long as the food industry includes it on the label. So as we get educated and look for “MSG”, the manufacturer’s made the choice to hide MSG under a whole list of “other” names, so we have a hard time telling what’s in our food.

  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Plant Protein Extract
  • Sodium Casein ate
  • Calcium Casein ate
  • Yeast Extract
  • Textured Protein (Including TVP)
  • Autolyzed Yeast
  • Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
  • Corn Oil
  • Malt Extract or Flavoring
  • Broth – Stock flavoring
  • Bouillon
  • Natural beef or chicken flavoring
  • Seasonings
  • Spices
  • Maltodextrin
  • Whey Protein and Concentrate
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Soy Protein Concentrate

There are other possible items that can have MSG in it. Hopefully this helps you understand a little about why this “additive toxin” is not your friend.

Have you experienced or suspect any of effects of MSG poisoning in your life? Leave your comments below.

To your health,