I’ve been thinking about you


As I sit here sipping on my hot cup of tea and thinking about the day and the New Year, I’ve been thinking about you also.

Already this year, so many doors have flung themselves open with amazing opportunities that include you. How you might ask?

Well, when I have opportunity to broaden myself, this always comes back to you in many ways. Things like demo or how to classes, which so many of you have asked me to do more of.

Other things like writing for a new Women’s empowerment magazine that’s going to be like Glamour meets Holistic Well Living. It’s called Bella Mia. Look for its debut in March.

I have done and will do more sharing more of me via interviews, fun classes and teaching. Up until now, I’ve been pretty quiet. I hear all the time that people didn’t know what I did or didn’t even know about me.

That’s all about to change. You see, when you believe in yourself enough and have confidence enough in yourself, you’re willing to step up or in my case jump way out of my comfort zone and be seen and heard.

I know so many of you need what I have to offer. The saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” is one of my favorite mantras. The reason being is so obvious.

Until someone introduces you to a new thought or concept or way of doing something, you couldn’t have known about it. It’s that ah ha moment when your world lights up with interest and amazement.

My world has revolved around wellness as far back in my years as I can possibly remember.

From working out with my Mother and siblings with Jack LaLanne to taking multivitamins as a teen to being active and living a relatively healthy life.

What drives me to make the choices I do? The same as you, I believe. When we want something bad enough and it resonates with our core being, we are often times motivated enough to do the work.

The problem arises when we don’t have a big enough reason and don’t really care whether or not we succeed or go after something.

Since I eat, sleep and breathe health, I’ll use it as the example. I think most of us have some kind of digestive disorder. It makes sense given the modern diet we consume and the stress loaded lives that we embark upon each and every day.

Let’s also add to that the busy lives, not enough down time or connection with those we love and cherish and let’s not forget about sleep.

I know some of you have the belief that you’ll get more sleep when you die, don’t worry about it today.

Sleep is actually quit necessary and beneficial to the healing and repairing of your body.

I am thinking about you more than ever. You see, there are more and more of you getting tired and weary of not feeling good and getting the run around in our medical society.

No diagnosis and more tests to treat our lifestyle illnesses. They are more and more rampant and I don’t see it getting better UNTIL you take off the blinders you’ve been wearing and find the mentorship you need to learn the things you don’t know.

It’s time to empower yourself. Unfortunately, no one can do it for you. With that being said, there are those who can help you. Come along side you, guide you, relieve the overwhelm, give you the education you’ve been looking for, teach you what you desire to learn and master.

Knowledge is power and when you have power, you can help take care of your one and only temple, your body.

Who in your life is a mentor to you, someone that has helped you learn things your soul desired and helped you find the path that you didn’t know existed? Share your comments below. If you’re looking for that person to guide you, perhaps we should talk and see where it leads us.

We all need someone in our lives to guide and teach us! Will you make time for you?

To your health,

Kellie Valenti

Holistic Wellness Mentor


2 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking about you

  1. Hi Kellie,
    My friend and I attended a meeting in Piqua where you and your sister who is a biology teacher were speakers. You demonstrated fermenting food. Adams, you, and other vendors provided a market for the attendees.
    I also talked with you a few Saturdays back at the Adams Saturday Farmers Market. (I am a grandma with long gray hair pulled back). I mentioned to you that we drink 1 teasp of Cayenne in Organic juice with our herbal supplements.
    I bought some fermented products from you and a soaked grain bread that day. We discussed your Mother’s health since she is also a heart patient. I told you about my husband who has congestive heart failure. He stopped breathing at home with me (about 7 yrs ago) which was a direct result of one of his many prescription meds. The hospital “kept him for observation” with the order to “continue his meds”. He was given the meds at 9pm and crashed 20-30 minutes later. Praise the Lord there was an intern on duty that was big enough and tenacious enough to get his heart going again. They kept him in CICU for 4 days until that med was out of his system and his EKG returned to normal.
    Anyway, several years ago he weaned himself off of all heart chemical meds and searched on the internet to find replacement organic herbal treatment. He said those chemicals were sucking the life out of him. He has been doing just great on the herbs until the last few days. In fact, a few months ago he said he had not felt this good in 15 years.
    He has researched online and we have bought several books on herbs looking for herbs to treat his heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol, etc. He takes hibiscus and other herbs for the heart and circulatory system from thepeopleschemist.com, He take turmeric/curcumin, black seed, a multivitamin
    with minerals & a probiotic, Co-Q-10, Krill Oil, and magnesium from mercola.com. He takes White Willow Bark for the inflammation and pain in his legs along with bromelain and ginger. He did have blood work done at the VA about 6 mos ago and all numbers were within the normal range. His BP is good. Of course, the VA doctor was irritated and insisted he should go back on all of the chemicals.
    The last time he went to his cardiologist, he didn’t do an EKG or even listen to his heart. The good doctor is MAD! So we do not know where to go from here. He definitely does not want to talk with anyone with M.D. after his name.
    We have always taken a bucket full of supplements for the 40+ years. Now he is taking a bucket full of herbs. He eats 3 Tabl EV Coconut Oil/day. He pulls his teeth with EV Coconut Oil every day. He is a big internet researcher and if he finds
    an article by Dr. Mercola, The Health Ranger, Sean Ellison aka The People’s Chemist who worked for EliLilly for 17-18 years, or Green Med Info … and if they recommend a herb for heart health … he adds it to his bucket.
    Right now, the weather has been so yucky and we are socked in for weeks at a time. I believe the air outside is toxic. He has had moderate shortness of breath off and on for the last fewf weeks when he is up walking or especially is he is lying down trying to sleep. He is only mildly short of breath if he is sitting upright reading. It is surely the worst when he lies down. He takes White Willow Bark for the leg pain when he goes to bed.
    If he were to go back to the cardiologist, he would insist on putting him back on all of those chemicals again that actually prevent our self-healing bodies from doing its job. The night before last he got a good night sleep and was breathing much better yesterday. Last night his legs were killing him and he didn’t sleep much and today he is more short of breath.
    The reason for the intense leg pain… He had radiation for 9 weeks for prostate cancer about 6 years ago. This was before our eyes were open to the dangers of believing the AMA. The radiation damaged his hips, bladder, urethra, colon. Because of the leg pain he also takes Valerian and Seratonin from the people’s chemist before bed.
    It has just dawned on me that I bought a ham at Christmas time from Troy Meats. I have also used some smoked bacon in my cooking recently. I use Pink Himalayan salt, but try to limit using it as a seasoning. However, his ankles have been a little swollen for a few weeks and that has never happened before. And…
    yesterday, I bought sliced deli ham (no nitrates) for the first time in years and he has had 2 sandwiches. Thinking about it, this is probably more salt in the last few weeks then he would normally eat in six months.
    ~~~ All of that said, can taking too many organic herbs somehow be harmful? Can you take too much of anything? Or too many? The bulk herbs he takes is usually 1/2 teast with 1 teasp of cayenne in about 6 oz of organic juice. Can you possibly overload your liver with organic herbs?
    He has hung onto his prescription for Furosemide 40 mg and has started taking 1 ea 2 times a day. He has tried several herbal diuretics but they did not seem to be strong enough and that is why he went back to the prescription drug recently.
    I would appreciate your comments. I would be happy to pay you for your time and effort. We believe the Lord has provided herbs for our good health. Apothecaries are actually mentioned in the Bible. And we figure if the Israelite women could prepare their dead for burial with herbs and spices, surely they also used those same herbs for healing and good health.



    • Hi Linda
      I remember chatting with you a few weeks ago about ypur husband. 8 sorry to hear that his health has declined over thr past few weeks. Winter is a hard time for some and being closed inside is equally hard. Even though the outside environment has toxins in it, often times our indoor air quality can be just as bad. Our bodies do need fresh air and sunshine. Limit exposure when it’s really cold, bit so get out as often as possible.

      As for your questions about herbs, I am not an herbalist and therefore.not qualified to suggest something one way or other. To me it seems like alot are being ingested and could overload the system.

      I would highly suggest seeing a good Naturopath or Homeopath doctor. They would be better qualified to assess your husband’s physical condition and help assist with his lapse in good health.

      This is the advice I would give a good friend and family member. Obviously you can do what you like I just wouldn’t wait until things progress further.

      I appreciate your time in posting your history and sharing your concerns as I don’t take them lightly. Please keep me posted and I am happy to help however I can.

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