How do you talk to yourself?


I have spent the last few weeks really delving into my inner being because when life throws us curve balls we have a choice, right? We can either curl up into a little ball, shut out the world and stay there or we can dive into the feelings behind the slump and climb out of the pit. Part of this is looking at the whole picture. How do you talk to yourself? How do you treat yourself?

Thinking and feeling are a big part of your daily world. Here’s an interesting statistic that I heard again this week and brought a lot to mind.

You believe 80% of what you tell yourself. You only believe 20% of what others tell you.

Do you realize that your mind doesn’t know the difference between true or false statements? It only knows what it hears.

How do you talk to yourself?

I am a really positive person by nature. I too, catch myself in negative self-talk occasionally or talk that allows me to not feel my best, especially when I’m feeling down or not my cheery self.

I’m bringing this awareness to the table today for a couple of reasons. Self-awareness is essential first of all. When you can pay attention to what is going in your mind, you can begin to change what happens in your life.

The second reason is that what we feed ourselves is paramount to our whole being and that includes your health.

There are many studies to corroborate that having a positive mindset and that includes our thoughts, is paramount to how we heal, how we overcome and how we view life in general.

I think that most of us suffer from some kind of depression from time to time. For some it’s seasonal and for others it could be related to life events and for others it’s a more frequent occurrence.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a couple of off weeks and part of that I was depressed. During that time, the mind chatter that was going on was depressing too. It wasn’t my normal cheery voice of “you can do anything” or “you are such a gift and treasure.”  I was feeling like Eeyore (from Winnie the Poo). Can anyone relate?

Something else I notice is that I didn’t care what I was eating either. I reached for whatever I perceived would make me feel good. We all have our “comfort” foods. The thing is they don’t really comfort. What I find they do is make me feel worse in the end.

Climbing out of the pit is like throwing out a lifeline and having someone on the other end grab hold and haul your hiney out. Whoever that person is for you, call them, invite them over for tea or whatever it is you need to do to change the landscape of your mind.

Your life and your health will thank you for it and they will depend on you for it. Meditate, pray, do some energy work, cry, laugh and as I always say, take your “10 minutes” to work through your feelings and then get up, brush yourself off and get on with life, the best way you can.

Someone I follow through her emails and Facebook was talking this week about our body image and the thoughts and feelings we portray around that. I know for many, especially women, this is a big issue and a very vulnerable place for us.

Something she said recently was paramount. Our opinion of our bodies came from our role models and for most of us that was our mothers. What we heard, what we saw and how they treated themselves. Yes, the outside world plays into this as well, but the biggest model we have, especially when forming opinions of ourselves comes directly from our closest role models.

For me, this gives me hope. Why? Because we each get to change our landscapes. We each get to give up our best selves to someone else and in the process we are empowered too. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

What’s been your experience with self-talk? Does it serve you well or do you struggle to keep it positive? Share below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

PS: If you’re a more private person and don’t wish to share publicly, click here and let’s chat, one on one. I am holding space for you!

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