Fall Preservation…one baby step at a time!


I have to admit…I love warm weather and with that said…I love some parts of the change in seasons too. I thought it was a good time to look at Fall Preservation…one baby step at a time!

Have you every canned, frozen, fermented or dehydrated foods? If not, don’t freak out, let’s make it super simple?

What do you buy and use the most? Is it tomatoes, green beans, corn, etc.? Maybe it’s soup, broth, or even berries for that smoothie or yogurt topper.

Now’s the time to think through what you think you could tackle and undertake. My husband’s family is Italian, you might guess that we use a lot of tomatoes and tomato products, like juice, sauce, etc.

Canning tomatoes is really pretty easy and basic directions can be obtained from trusted canning books, online or a friend or family member.

The idea is to keep it simple and to proceed forward, one baby step at a time.

When our children were young, my husband and I loved to make them fruit leathers (or rollups). This is done by using fresh fruit when in season and then dehydrating. A basic dehydrator can be purchased rather cheaply or buy a used one from a garage sale.

By doing this, we provided fresh fruit, no chemicals or hidden toxins, we saved tons of money AND the kids loved them. If you’ve never had homemade fruit leathers, you’re missing out.

Maybe it’s freezing green beans or corn because you seem to use a lot of those items. Or even berries. I love to take advantage of the seasonal bounty and then I save money later and I also supported a local grower if I wasn’t able to grow myself.

We do have a garden, but we don’t grow everything we need. Farmer’s markets are a great source, local growers or even taking advantage of friends and families extra bounty.

Even making homemade soups and broth are so much healthier, tastier and cheaper to make yourself.

Think you don’t have the time. What if when making supper, you put on an extra pan, toss in some tomatoes as an example and let them cook, and then can them.

Another favorite, gather friends or family, make some freezer meals ahead of time and while you are prepping, make some fruit leathers for lunches and snacks.

The idea is to find one thing that you are interested in or use a lot of a master that one thing. Keep it simple. Don’t make it hard, don’t overthink it. Just decide and then do.

Guess what will happen then? Celebration and joy at what you were able to do. And, if you get the family involved, just think what you all learn together and what I also know is this…gratitude is over the top. You get to appreciate your efforts and the fresh foods you have prepared and enjoy throughout the winter.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to at least think about something you could start with. Then, I’d like you to share your stories and the journey. I’d also like you to share any questions you have about starting. Let’s do this together!

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

2 thoughts on “Fall Preservation…one baby step at a time!

  1. Kellie, I agree with your advise, “Keep it simple. Don’t make it hard, don’t overthink it. Just decide and then do.” I have learned lately to do my tasks in small portions. Here are a couple of examples: 1) I had a time consuming cooking task so I spread it out throughout the day and took breaks in between. This way I didn’t dread what I was doing nor got too overworked but enjoyed the finished product more. 2) Before I went to pick up my raw cow’s milk today, I put out the jars and other supplies I’d need to make my kefir. I drained my kefir grains into a glass bowl so they’d be easy to use. I then took my break and traveled, visited, and picked up my milk. When I returned I went right to my project and finished it promptly. I am now breaking as the grains are changing my milk into kefir. Thank you for sharing your article, “One Baby Step at a Time!”

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