Do you operate in your purpose?

God is not concerned

Do you ever those days or weeks where you have less energy, less focus and all around just feel blue? That’s been mine. As I do with all things, I get busy seeking answers. The question on the table is this. Do you operate in your purpose?

My friend Kyle shared his insights from a recent sermon by Joel Osteen that made such an impact on me and so I share with you today.

God uses loss, betrayal, persecution to force us to change. He is pushing you into your purpose.

Every closed door is not a bad thing. Every person that walks away is not a mistake.

When everything is good we are comfortable. We don’t want to have to stretch, cultivate new friends, develop new skills, or step out into the unknown.

We may not like it, but if God has not closed those doors we would have been satisfied to stay where we are.

God loves you too much to let you miss your destiny. You have too much potential, too much talent, too much in you to get stuck where you are.

God will put us in these situations that force us to stretch and force us to grow.

Every difficulty you’ve had is not meant to stop you, it’s meant to push you, to mature you and to make you stronger.

It’s deposited something in you, it’s made you who you are. Don’t complain about what didn’t work. When having difficulties, approach them with the attitude that it is not meant to stop you, it’s meant to promote you.

You may be uncomfortable, you may not like it, but you know God is using it to push you to a new level. To push you into greater influence and to push you into your purpose.

The times in our lives where we have had the greatest shifts have usually come from God closing a door and us being uncomfortable and being pushed into faith and our purpose.

Sometimes we are praying against the very thing God ordained and has set into motion.

Sometimes people and things can become crutches so God causes things to dry up to force us to change.

If people leave your life it means their time was up, step into the new season. If the door closed, don’t complain, you are about to be pushed into your purpose. You are about to see new growth, new opportunities and new friendships.

When you stop being disappointed with what didn’t work out with the in people and opportunities will start to show up.

Job said he was comfortable in his nest. Everything was comfortable just like he wanted. Now God doesn’t bring the trouble but he will use difficulty to help us find our destiny.

Every time I’ve seen major growth or step into a new level, it was because I was being pushed. There was adversity, challenges and loss.

Maybe you are in a situation now, you lost a loved one, went through a break up, a business didn’t work out or your health has suffered greatly. The enemy may have meant that for your harm but God is going to use that for your good. God didn’t allow it to stop you but to push you. Like Job, you’re going to come out stronger, healthier, wiser, increase…better off than you were before.

The pain is a sign that you are about to see birth. The greater the difficulty the closer you are to that birth.

Shake off the self-pity and get ready for the new doors of opportunities, the new skills, the new talents.

When things are stirring in your life, realize God is about to open a new door, take you to a new level and push you into your purpose.

Just like women in labor, you aren’t asked to push until the new birth is ready. So when you are being pushed, realize a new birth is happening.

Just like in the womb things are so peaceful and comfortable but when being birthed we experience pressure and are squeezed and pressured. Pushed and pushed again until then birth and breathes new life.

Pressure and being stretched means God is enlarging you, expanding you.

God loves you too much to let you live in mediocrity. He opens doors and he closes doors if we don’t take the in the will push us.

God is about to push you into a new level, push you into greater strength, greater influence, greater resources. You’re coming into a new season, health, favor, victory, or breakthrough.

Hang on dear ones. The winds that were meant to stop you are going to push you into your purpose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about shifts and challenges you are witnessing in your own lives. I can’t wait to hear from you. Share below.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor