Kombucha – let’s toast to your health!


What is Kombucha (kom-bu-cha) anyway?

It’s the beverage the ancient Chinese called the “Immortal Health Elixir.” It’s been around for more than 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits like preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

While there are limited amounts of research done on the beverage, there has been lots of research done on many of the nutrients and acids it contains in large quantities (such as B-vitamins, antioxidants, and glucaric acids).

Kombucha is a naturally carbonated, fermented tea, which is very good for you.

While pasteurization and irradiation kill bacteria and yeast, fermentation actually uses live bacteria and yeast, as well as sugar, to create its finished product, which also include naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough bread, beer, wine, yogurt, kefir, kvass and yes, kombucha. Kombucha is not as fermented as wine or beer — it only has a tiny amount of alcohol.

What are the health benefits?

1. Boosts the Immune System

Think of allergies, colds, and being run down in general – by consuming fermented foods and drinks, you can build up your immune system naturally. 70-80% of our immune system resides in our gut. Most of us have been on some form of antibiotics and other drugs that kill off bacteria, both good and bad. The ending results are that Kombucha’s fermentation encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are good for your gut and good for your immunity.

Kombucha is also rich in antioxidants, which help to strengthen immunity.

2. Natural Detoxifier

Kombucha has probiotics and enzymes that promote detoxification. One of the main jobs of the good bacteria in your gut is to detoxify. By adding more beneficial bacteria to your gut, you’re getting the job done faster.

Kombucha promotes detoxification. Regular consumption of kombucha tea also supports liver function.

3. Energy Boost

Kombucha is the original energy drink. Don’t mistake this to mean that you are getting this by some form of artificial boost. Because kombucha helps the body detoxify, there is less burden on your system, and as a result, you get more energy. As stated below, kombucha is also rich in B vitamins, which gives the body energy.

4. Rich in vitamins and enzymes

In addition to beneficial bacteria, kombucha contains B vitamins and enzymes.

B vitamins provide support for the body’s metabolic functions including overall energy, utilization of carbohydrates, heart health, and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Adequate intake of B vitamins can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, boost memory, and relieve PMS.

Most of us don’t get enough enzymes these days because we don’t eat enough raw food. The role of digestive enzymes is to break down the foods that we eat into smaller compounds so the nutrients can be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Because it’s naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. As such, it’s noted for reducing or eliminating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc.

5. Increased Metabolism

Enzymes boost metabolism. In addition, all the beneficial bacterial and enzymes in the kombucha help your body work better and take the burden off of its functioning.

6. PMS Relief

Kombucha helps to relieve PMS. How? B vitamins help to break down and flush out excess estrogen from the body (a condition called estrogen dominance). This can help to reduce PMS symptoms.

7. Relief from Arthritis and Joint Pain

Kombucha contains glucosamine, a strong preventive and treatment for all forms of arthritis. Glucosamine increase synovial hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid functions physiologically to aid preservation of cartilage structure and prevent arthritic pain, with relief comparable to NSAIDs and advantage over glucocorticoids. Hyaluronic acid enables connective tissue to bind moisture thousands of times its weight and maintains tissue structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility and lessens free radical damage, while associated collagen retards and reduces wrinkles.

If you’d like to tackle making this wonderful drink yourself, click here for my go-to recipe. While there are many sources and methods, this is the easiest and most satisfying. There are many sources to order a Scoby and a nice starter from, a friend or Google it and you’ll find many reputable locations. I drink it every day and so should you.

If you’re not quite ready for making it yourself, most health food stores carry it as well as stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc.

Cheers to your health,


Holistic Health Coach

Do you want to feel like a million bucks?

DIY Carpet CleanerBONUS: DIY spring cleaning recipe for you. 🙂

Good day….I hope this finds you well. I asked the question….do you want to feel like a million bucks? I bet you answered a resounding YES!!!

Great….because it’s possible. You see, I believe what we believe all starts in our minds. What we think about, who we spend our time with and what we always put our focus or attention on.

This last week I’ve been purging my life of all kinds of junk. Why in the world do I think that I need to keep some of the stuff I do, I’ll never know.

Old habits die hard. I’ve been in some serious spring cleaning mode, which included giving things to my daughter Amber to put in her garage sale, others things are being donated  and yet others will be given to our local trash collector. Poor guy!

It feels good to get rid of the clutter that has slowly been taking over my life and my space, which isn’t all that big to begin with!

Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by stuff? Old habits, old beliefs, and just plain starting to feel old! I know that this morning before I got out of bed, I was stretching and feeling some soreness in my muscles from all the bending and additional movements from cleaning.

What would happen if we felt like that every single day….having no motivation, no spunk, aches and pains prevented us from enjoying this incredible life we’re supposed to be living?

I think that slow creep is often times what does happen to many of us. Before long, we’re wondering how we ever got things done.

How did we go out and play and live life? Sometimes it seems like only yesterday. Wait, maybe it actually was. The reality is you’re only 30, 40, 50, 60, what, how young am I? Time flies when you’re having fun or am I having fun?

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, know you don’t have to settle for living a life less than it should be. I know the possibility might seem remote, but it actually is out there.

The burning question….how bad do you want good health? Is it worth fighting for? I am a fighter by nature and that does give me an advantage. You too can have that advantage. And you deserve to have it. You just have to want it…..and want it badly!

Have you ever heard that the best things in life aren’t free? Well, I think that’s partially true. I also think that if we had everything given to us and we didn’t have to work for them, we’d not appreciate them nearly as much, if at all.

How many times have you said that you’ll practice being grateful every single day for something and before long, it slips your mind just that one time and then all of a sudden you can’t remember the last time you actually said the words or felt the feelings of gratitude.

It’s the same for our health and what we often times take for granted. We assume we have been given the right to have it all….including feeling like a million bucks.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re not up to par and not feeling well, you can help your body heal….and if you’re feeling okay, but want to be proactive; awesome….we can do this together.

Hopefully, as this point you’ve seen the other two short little videos that I put together for you surrounding this very topic….Here’s the 3rd one in my 3-part series. These were intended to give you food for thought and some things you can do to start the journey of better health.

What do you want to see happen with your health? Leave your comments below or shoot me an email at support@livelifeyearsyounger.com. I can’t wait to chat with you.

To your health,



Do you believe food can harm you?



Do you love to eat? I do and I’m not afraid to tell everyone that. I love everything about it, the relationship, the camaraderie, the laughter and of course the food. Do you know what I mean?

When was the last time you sat down around a dinner table with family or good friends and enjoyed the laughter, the stories about the day or week, the really bad jokes and just plain catching up?

I sometimes think that this has become a lost art form. I remember growing up and we all sat down for meals at the kitchen or dining room table. There was never any thought about eating in another part of the house in front of the TV or the computer.

For most, our lives get to be fast paced and hectic, especially if you have children or grandchildren that you are involved in transporting to and from events. That’s why it’s even more important to plan a meal or two together per week just to enjoy each other.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing a lot about Inflammation. What it is, how it affects our bodies, both positively and negatively and last week I shared what some of the best foods are for lowering inflammation that occurs.

I prefer upbeat, positive news, don’t you, rather than negative, dreary things? I also know that you can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend not to want to know things you should, which really is considerable when it comes to your health.

I find it to be one of the most complex issues in our lives today. Not to say that there aren’t others, as I know there are, health though is a tough one for so many people, including me at times.

We are all barraged with what we should and shouldn’t do what we should and shouldn’t eat and at the end of the day, we need to acquire a good firm foundation, which includes a wealth of great information, patterns and habits that resonate with you and take one step at a time.

Taking in everything at once is insane and often results in failure. Let’s tackle this together, one step at a time.

Since I focused on the good stuff to put in last week, read that article here, let’s tackle the not so pleasant list of foods that are some of the worst offenders for our health and for causing or exacerbating an issue currently with inflammation.

On top of the list is….

 1. Foods high in sugar and saturated fat can spur inflammation. “They cause over activity in the immune system, which can lead to joint pain, fatigue, and damage to the blood vessels.

2. Trans Fats, think hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

3. Sugar

4. White bread and pastas (these break down slowly into sugar)

5. Alcohol (over moderation can cause leakage from the gut and sugar content in some cases)

6. Omega-6 Fatty Acids – our diets generally have too much

7. MSG (monosodium glutamate) – this little sneaky item is in a lot of foods and most labels don’t tell you that it contains MSG. You need to look for these following ingredient words, which means MSG it is ALWAYS present:

  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Plant Protein Extract
  • Sodium Casein ate
  • Calcium Casein ate
  • Yeast Extract
  • Textured Protein (Including TVP)
  • Autolyzed Yeast
  • Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
  • Corn Oil

Because this is a big problem for everyone, I’d like to spend another article discussing MSG in general. You’d be surprised just what it is and what it does.

What is one thing you can agree to remove from your diet from this day forward that may be on this list, like sugar or white bread?

Remember, we’re in this together and we’re taking baby steps.

Until next time, make your day spectacular and healthy!



Do you believe foods can heal?


I’m so glad you’re here. Last week I introduced the inflammation concept. Inflammation is both a great healing part of the body, it’s the body’s immune response and without it, we couldn’t heal. And it can also be a detriment to our bodies if left unchecked and out of control, as in rheumatoid arthritis, it can damage our bodies. Plus, it really is thought to play a role in obesity, heart disease and cancer.

If you didn’t get the chance to read it, I highly suggest you do. It gives a pretty straightforward outline of the roles inflammation plays.

This week, I thought I’d introduce some of the best foods for fighting inflammation. You might be saying, why food, why wouldn’t I just take some supplements or pharmaceutical drugs to combat this? Well, my answer would be that I personally know and believe that foods can and do heal our bodies.

So lets’ begin this food journey….see how many of these things you can incorporate on a daily basis.

Salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines (often called oily fish) are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are shown to reduce inflammation. To really reap the benefits, we need to eat fish several times a week and obviously baked or boiled vs. fried.

I personally love fish, but one of daughter’s just doesn’t like fish and you may be like her. My suggestion is then to consume a high quality fish-oil supplement.

Another food that’s great for fighting inflammation is whole grains and that’s because whole grains have more fiber, which has been shown to reduce levels of C – reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation in the blood, and they usually have less added sugar as opposed to refined, white bread, cereals, pastas and rice.

Just a quick side note about grains, remember that preparation is just as important. They need to be soaked before they are consumed. I’ll share more on this topic in another article.

Vitamin E studies have shown it may play a major role in protecting the body from pro-inflammatory molecules call cytokines. Dark leafy greens, like kale, spinach, broccoli and collard greens are great examples. These same greens are also higher in vitamins and minerals, like calcium, iron and phytochemicals that fight disease.

Nuts are another great source of inflammation-fighting healthy fats, especially almonds. They are high in fiber, calcium and vitamin E and don’t forget about walnuts, which have high amounts of alpha-linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-3 fat. If we speak about antioxidants, all nuts rank high, which help your body fight off and repair the damage that’s caused by inflammation. Make sure you soak these before consuming. Here’s a great how to.

Earlier I mentioned colorful vegetables as being a healthier addition, but what I didn’t mention was peppers, which are also known as nightshade vegetables. Some say this bothers those with rheumatoid arthritis, others don’t see any problem. This is where it’s important to pay attention to how your body reacts to specific foods. Hot peppers are really rich in capsaicin, which is a chemical that’s often used in creams that reduce pain and inflammation.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and throughout your body. Did you know that when you cook tomatoes, they have more lycopene than raw tomatoes? These are also considered nightshade vegetables.

Beets are other really bright colored vegetables. Most of the time, they are red, my favorite color. Remember we said colorful vegetables are higher in antioxidants. They have also been shown to protect us from cancer and heart disease. They are also high in fiber, vitamin c and plant pigments called betalains.

You can eat these, cooked, fermented or think Beet Kvass, yum!

Who loves garlic and onions? Me and probably you too! Did you know that in studies, garlic has been shown to work like NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen, which is often prescribed for inflammation. Onions have similar anti-inflammatory chemicals, including the phytonutrient quercetin and the compound allicin, which breaks down to produce free radical-fighting sulfonic acid.

There are also some spices that work incredibly well, like ginger and turmeric, which are really common in Asian and Indian cooking. Turmeric, think bright yellow curry, works in the body by helping it turn off a protein that regulates the immune system and triggers inflammation. I also mentioned ginger which has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the intestines when it was taken in supplement form. I prefer fresh myself and it’s so easy to incorporate, like in fresh juices and kombucha. Another yum!

Again with the colorful fruits and vegetables, think bright pretty berries. They have really powerful chemicals that give them their bright colors also help fight inflammation. Some of my favorites are blueberries, which help protect against intestinal inflammation, red raspberries have been shown to help with arthritis and strawberries have helped women have lower levels of CRP in their blood.

Let’s not forget a good quality olive oil, which is a plant-based fat. There is a compound called oleocanthal, which is where olive oil gets its taste, also acts similarly as NSAID painkillers in the body, like ibuprofen. I would recommend the extra-virgin kind of olive oil.

The last, and probably my absolute favorite are tart cherries, which have been shown in studies to have the highest anti-inflammatory properties of any food. Athletes often use tart cherry juice to improve their performance and reduce their use of anti-inflammatory pain meds. What I’ve seen recommended is consuming about 1 ½ cups of tart cherries or drinking a cup of tart cherry juice per day to reap the benefits. If you haven’t noticed, I didn’t say sweet cherries; they haven’t gotten the same results as the very delicious tart varieties.

Next week, I’ll share with you some of the worst offenders of the inflammation and why each of them the bad wrap that they do have.

What are some ways that you could incorporate more of the anti-inflammatory foods into your daily food plan? Remember, you can start small, so perhaps it’s just adding one, what would it be?

Until next time, here’s to your health!


Deadliest diseases caused by this, do you have it?



This is the definition of inflammation, so what exactly is it and is it bad for me? Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard the word inflammation thrown around quite a bit. You might even think it’s a bad thing.

The body truly is a miraculous healer. Inflammation plays a critical role in this manner, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. The body does know how to take care of itself.

Things like heart disease, obesity, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, insulin resistance, etc. are all linked to inflammation in some form or other. I get that most people think that it’s really bad right?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s there for a purpose. Have you ever cut your finger or sprained an ankle? What happens? It gets red, swollen, and hot and it hurts right?

What this means is that our body is telling you that it intends to tackle this problem, it intends to take care of the source of pain. All of which is truly magical when you think about it and if you didn’t have the pain indicators, you’d continue to damage your body further and its absolutely necessary for the injury to heal.

Acute inflammation is the initial body reaction to some kind of trauma, like being hit, kicked or cut. There is also infection, sun burns, or skin burns, frostbite, allergic reactions and chemical exposure.

Symptoms of acute inflammation are increased blood flow that causes a warm sensation and it turns red, which brings leukocytes that are like the cleaning crew and oversee the healing process. Swelling typically occurs because extra fluid like plasma and leukocyte is brought in for the cleanup. Pain is another necessary symptom; otherwise you’d likely injure yourself further. Also losing some of your previous functionality happens too, just so you can heal properly.

So, if the body’s natural healing is inflammation how does it also play a role in heart disease, obesity, depression and the other things I mentioned?

When we have constant chronic and systemic inflammation, which is now beyond an acute immediate response and becomes turned on all the time and fully engaged, huge implications and problems happen. The whole process of the inflammatory process is supposed to be short lived, like several days or less. This isn’t obviously meant to be turned on all the time.

A lot of what the healing process is doing is breaking down the tissue and targeting damaged tissues and invading pathogens, before it starts to build it all back up, this same response had the ability to also damage our body. This normal system approach of healing is specific, targeted and short term and for this reason, we don’t want it getting out of hand and targeting healthy tissue, which is exactly what happens when our inflammatory system is turned on all the time.

There are many “stressors” that cause inflammation to get out of hand. Below are some of the problematic causes, which are reason for concern:

  • High sugar, high processed foods, bad fats (highly commercialized), high gluten coming from processed foods
  • High omega-6 and low omega-3 levels. Omega 3 is a really big part of the inflammation response. Our typical diets are typically too high in 6 and not high enough in 3.
  • Poor sleep or lack of sleep is another big problem. You know who you are.
  • Sedentary lives and not enough activity cause low-grade inflammation. We don’t even get out and walk like we should.
  • Chronic exercise also causes inflammation. If you run high mileage, your body is taking a pounding and you become chronically inflamed.
  • Poor gut health is another culprit because up to 80% of our immune system health comes from our gut and this also then control your inflammatory system.
  • Lack of down time and just being outdoors. Have you ever thought about how your senses come alive when you just unplug and enjoy nature?
  • Let’s not forget about stress and chronic stress. We all have some stress, but the real problem arises when we have repeated high, chronic stress with no release or lowering mechanisms in place.

So, I’ll end this segment with this. Now you know what inflammation is, what it does, why you don’t want it long term and what causes it.

In a future article, I’ll share some ways to help your body return to its normal inflammatory response mode and foods that will help this process!

Have you been diagnosed with heart disease, depression, obesity, auto immune or any other chronic illness or disease and what are you doing about it?

To your health,


Soaked Nuts and Seeds

Soaked Almonds

Soaked Nuts and Seeds

Why it’s Important to Your Health and Some Easy Recipes

If you’re new to the concept of soaked nuts and grains, let’s first understand the basic reasons why it’s vitally important to know this and more importantly, do it.

First, a little background on the reasons why. Nuts are hard for our bodies to digest and breakdown. Nuts are an extremely nutritious food when you properly prepare them.

Nuts contain numerous enzyme inhibitors that can put a real strain on the digestive system. Nuts are a lot easier to digest and their nutrients more readily available, when they are first soaked in salt water overnight, and then dried in a warm oven overnight or in a dehydrator.

The salt in the soaking water activates enzymes that actually neutralize enzyme inhibitors.

This method actually imitates the Aztec practices of soaking pumpkin or squash seeds in brine and then letting them dry in the sun before eating them whole or grinding them into meal.

My general practice is to make several nut varieties ahead of time, store them in glass jars and then I have them on hand for snaking, throwing together a nice trail mix and also for any baking I might do.

Soaking times varies for different varieties, here’s a quick run-down that should help as a general rule of thumb:


Almonds          8-12 hours

Brazil               Not necessary

Cashews          4-6 hours

Hazelnuts        12 hours

Macadamias   Not necessary

Pecans             7-8 hours

Pistachios        Not necessary

Walnuts           6-8 hours


Flax                  8 hours

Hemp              Not necessary

Pumpkin/Squash         6-8 hours

Sesame            8 hours

Sunflower        2-4 hours


Some quick recipes for Pecans, Cashews and Walnuts and a feww others are as follows:

Crispy Pecans

Makes 4 cups

4 cups pecan halves

2 teaspoons Celtic sea salt

Filtered water

Mix pecans with salt and filtered water until nuts are covered about an inch or so. Cover with a tea towel or cheesecloth and leave in a warm place overnight. Drain in a colander. Spread pecans on a stainless steel baking sheet and place in a warm oven (no more than 150 degrees) for 12-24 hours, turning occasionally, until completely dry and crisp. Store in an airtight container.


Crispy Walnuts

Use 4 cups walnut halves and pieces in place of the pecans. Store in an airtight container.


Crispy Pumpkin Seeds

Makes 4 cups

4 cups raw, hulled pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons Celtic sea salt

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

Filtered water

Dissolve salt in water and add pumpkin seeds and optional cayenne pepper. Cover and leave in a warm place for at least 7 hours or overnight. Drain in a colander and spread on a stainless steel baking sheet. Place in a warm oven (no higher than 150 degrees) for about 12 hours or overnight, stirring occasionally, until thoroughly dry and crisp. Store in an airtight container.


Crispy Almonds

Makes 4 cups

4 cups almonds, preferably skinless

1 tablespoon sea salt

Filtered water

I skin these myself, which is super easy. Place the almonds in a bowl and pour bowling water over them. Let them set a couple of minutes. Working with a few at a time, place them on a paper towel or cloth and just squeeze them between your thumb and finger and the nuts slip right out. Compost the skins.

Skinless are easier to digest and usually easier to use in recipes too.

Mix the skinned almonds in salt and filtered water to cover the nuts by an inch or so. Cover and let set in a warm place for 7-8 hours or overnight. Drain in a colander. Spread on a stainless steel baking pan and place in a warm oven (no more than 150 degrees) for 12 to 24 hours, stirring occasionally, until completely dried and crisp. Store in an airtight container.

You may like almond slivers, so substitute whole above for slivered.


Crispy Cashews

Makes 4 cups

4 cups “raw” cashews

1 tablespoon Celtic sea salt

Filtered water

Take care when soaking cashews. If soaked too long, they will become slimy and not taste good. Adhere to the shorter soak times noted.

Soak cashews in salt and filtered water to cover the nuts by an inch or so for 4-6 hours, no longer. Drain in a colander. Spread out on a stainless steel baking pan and place in a warm oven (about 200 degrees) for 12 to 24 hours, turning occasionally, until completely dry and crisp. Store in an airtight container.


You can make peanuts, pine nuts and hazelnuts in much the same fashion as above. If you interested in recipes for any of these specifically, just ask me.

The great thing about these recipes is that I make them individually, store them individually, and when I’m traveling or the like, they are easy to mix anyway you like, nut wise and include such things as organic raisins, organic dried cranberries, dried apricots, etc.

You just made a great trail mix and when mixed with some hard cheese, become a complete meal.

The next time you’re in a pinch, instead of grabbing something that’s not really good for you, grab some raw cheese and your nuts and/or trail mix. Your body will thank you.

To your health,


Do you believe in Hope, Health and Healing?

Yoga and fitness

This week has been incredible. I was privileged enough to have gotten to spend some time in San Diego, CA with some amazing people who are fired up and living the life of their dreams.

Have you ever stopped to consider what would be possible if you just allowed yourself the time to dream? What would your life look like, really?

Would you aspire to have more energy, less stress, more time, a life filled with love, joy and a body that allowed you to do pretty much what you wanted?

You do know these things are possible for most, right?

It’s really within your reach if you choose it. You see, everything we do, say or think really is a choice.

These last few days really have allowed me to step back and evaluate my dreams, ambitions and what I really want.

Are you ready to receive that?

I want to truly make a difference in each and every one of your lives. You might be asking how I would do that. Simply by providing you with the best of me. When I am allowed to be my authentic self, I can and will serve you above and beyond what you ask.

I am determined to bring you absolute truth, healing, and your authentic self.

I know that for many of you, there has been some settling that has occurred. By that, I mean, you’ve settled for less energy, being stressed, having high cholesterol, have pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes, or anything else that is going on with you.

Do you know that there is a whole other life out there that doesn’t have to include these illnesses and diseases?

Our society today is taught today that when we don’t feel well, we go see our doctors. What typically happens? You are probably subscribed some kind of medication to relieve the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Sometimes these work to help and often times they cause other side effects that you weren’t experiencing before, so what happens? Different or more drugs.

I hope that you realize these drugs and regimens aren’t helping your body heal, they are just covering up the symptoms of your illness or ailments.

Our society has been taught that this is the normal path to take. What happened to the ability to seek out the assistance of your body to heal itself?

That’s completely possible and that’s what I’m here to bring to the table. Many of you may have heard some of this before and some of you may be new to the concept of healing naturally.

If you decide this journey of discovery is worth it to you, welcome. If you’re still unsure and seeking, welcome. You see, when we’re at least willing to explore options, we have hope and healing can and will occur.

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to serve you on this incredible journey of hope, health and healing.


PS: If you’d like to have some time with me, it’s super easy. Use my scheduler  to reserve your spot. It’s that easy. Also, what’s your biggest challenge in regards to your health? Leave your comments below.

Monday, Monday, so good to me, want to know why?

A man is the product of his thoughts

Monday, Monday, so good to me; Oh Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be. Who remembers this song sung by the Mamas and Papas? Well the song goes on to say something about crying all day…..who wants to do that?

So, I then decided to go looking for great attributes for Mondays….here’s what I found, see if you agree…

  1. Mondays offer second chances.
  2. Mondays are about tough love & health routines.
  3. Mondays keep you grounded, mature and responsible.
  4. Mondays help you balance your week.
  5. Mondays are not your enemy.
  6. Mondays are about perspective and attitude
  7. Mondays are a blessing in disguise
  8. Mondays give the opportunity to start and end on a positive note.
  9. Mondays allow you to free yourself of preconceived notions.
  10. Mondays offer fresh starts.

The last one is my favorite. Do you know why? It’s because no matter what happened the week before or for that matter, the day before, you have the opportunity to start over.

For instance, if you really blew your new found healthy eating routine over the weekend, guess what? It’s a brand new day and chance to start over fresh and brush off the guilt and negative self-talk and start over.

I don’t know about you, but that then definitely plays into all the other numbers above. Something to think about the next time you stumble along on your health journey or for that matter, your life journey.

As we are heading into a brand new week, with fresh attitudes and perspectives, are you like me and looking forward to spring? Do you know that it’s only 30 days away? Whoop whoop!

That means that we can look forward to a rebirth of the seasons. Things start blooming; sprouting and the animals come out and start playing too! Warmer days and nights and many of us coming out and playing too.

For many of us, we garden, whether it’s our beloved flower beds, herb gardens and/or vegetable gardens.

In different parts of the country we have zones that are used for planting purposes. This week I’d like to share the hardiness zones for the United States and here’s another resource for other parts of the world.

If you don’t have space for a garden but do so envy others that do, may I suggest a small planter type garden or a pot garden? I love the Organic Urban Gardener. He provides all kinds of tips and tricks that are fabulous for the small space. Be sure to check it out.

There’s no need to go without entirely. If this still isn’t for you, there are many great CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) to get hooked up that can supply you and your family with fresh, locally grown produce.  Check out this great resource that not only supports the farmer but you the consumer.

There are many seed catalogs floating around this time of year as we all are hibernating in our homes waiting for the cold to break so we can get outside. There are many amazing resources for seeds and plants.

Whether you’re looking for a completely organic garden or small space garden or you’re interested in some heirloom varieties, there are many awesome catalogs and websites to explore. Bear in mind, it helps to sit down and figure out what you’d like to grow and how much space you have.

Next week we’ll explore small space possibilities and some outside the box ways to make this happen. In the meantime, stay warm and countdown to spring with me.




Ready to Turn Gray Skies into Sunny ones?


Welcome to another week of your life where you get to go make a difference. What will that look like for you?

For me, I get to learn and then teach what I know. It’s so amazing to me that we all have the opportunity to accomplish much but for whatever reason, we often don’t.

Have you ever gotten to the end of your week and look back in reflection and wonder where the heck your week went and what exactly you accomplished?

For me, my weeks are so jammed packed that I sometimes wonder where the days and hours went to.  I go from early morning to late night in the blink of an eye. The majority of my days are super productive, but I must confess, there are those rare moments when I just want to be a couch potato and not do much of anything or think much about anything for that matter?

Do you ever have days or evenings like that? Guess what? It’s quite okay. It’s called taking down time that we all need to dream and recharge our batteries.

Often times, this time of year, I am thinking that we’ve made it through January, only a couple more months of cold weather and looking forward to spring.

It also is a time of preparing for gardening and what that entails. Have you gotten any of the seed catalogs that conger up your anticipation and taste buds of what’s to come?

I have been a part of garden since I was a very small child. One of my fondest memories was my Dad taking my daughter, Ashlie, out into the garden, she was around 3 at the time. They were armed with a salt shaker in my Dad’s back pocket.

You see, they were going tomato picking. According to Dad, you can’t just pick tomatoes. You have to taste them first to make sure they are ripe enough. And you can’t just eat a tomato, it has to have salt on it. Hence, the salt shaker.

I can remember Ashlie thinking that was the greatest treat. Not only spending time with Grandpa but eating tomatoes with salt, right in the garden.

Throughout the years, our garden has been a small little spot of earth to a ¼ acre or more in size. This year will be no different. It seems they keep getting bigger and bigger and I have less and less time.

Oh the good problems to have. The fresh bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed then and to be harvested for eating later.

I can’t imagine not having this great gift. You see, I do realize that this is a gift. For many, they dream of a garden, but have no space or no inclination of how to go about it.

The great thing is, we can begin wherever we’re at. Small or large. Maybe it’s just one pot. Boy, what could be grown in that one pot.

Are you like me and you have a passion for growing your own food? Do you take pleasure in knowing that you can eat fresh and store for later?

Or are you the want-to-be gardener that aspires to try your hand at something this year? Come join me. In the next several weeks, we’ll tackle some ideas that perhaps will spark or rekindle some former memories and get you figuring out how to grow your own food, even if space is an issue.

What’s your biggest gardening challenge?

Here’s to fresh, delicious produce in the coming months! Make your week spectacular!


Nothing Can Stop the Man with the Right Mental Attitude

Nothing Can Stop the Man

Isn’t this quote profound? I love quotes. A great quote speaks to your soul and often times you can relate to it on a deeper plane. Have you ever noticed that whatever your attitude for the day or the moment, depends a lot on how you let something or someone get under your skin?

Let’s decide today, this very moment, that we will not allow a wrong mental attitude to get in the way of achieving our health goals or any goals, for that matter.

It really is a mental shift in how you view your surroundings and how you choose to react to any given circumstance. Let’s start by being aware and then preparing for those times when we feel a shift down the wrong path.

For me, I spend a few quite moments before I even get out of bed praying and meditating. I set my intentions for the day. I practice gratitude and I am appreciative that I’ve been given another day to go make a difference.

You see, a lot depends on what you do before your feet hit the ground. Even if you aren’t the praying type or have different spiritual beliefs, we all have a higher power and our beings will always be seeking something more than our physical bodies.

When we set our intentions for the day, it grounds us, it makes us strive for more than we could ever accomplish on our own and it allows a sense of peace and wellbeing settle in.

Have you ever had the kind of morning that the alarm didn’t go off, or you hit the snooze button too many times and now you realize you’ve overslept?

What happens next? You frantically have thoughts of “Oh crap, I’m late and now I don’t have time for my workout and I won’t have time to make breakfast, I’ll have to grab something quick”, etc. etc. etc.

Then it seems that on your way to work, you get behind every slow person on the road, you hit every traffic light and then you get behind the construction vehicles. You are about now, kind of frantic; you’re driving too fast and by the time you actually get to work, your nerves and stress are on overload.

Then what happens to the rest of your day? Sometimes it might calm down, but often times, it just seems to keep escalating doesn’t it?

People seem to tick you off, you grumble under your breath, you aren’t grateful for much of anything and by the time you actually get home, you’re both mentally and physically exhausted. Many times, people then reach for their vices, such as food and or alcohol.

Do you see a correlation between how your day started and how it typically plays out when you actually can spend a few minutes on gratitude and meditation to set the right intentions for your day?

Not only do you get to spend some much needed time with yourself and your God, you get to lay out the ground work for your day.

For me, I’m a morning exerciser. I always have been. It just allows me to crank up my day with positive and it also insures that it gets done. Often times, if by chance it has to wait until later in the day, it often doesn’t happen because something inevitably comes up. Can you relate?

So, the big takeaways today, make time to set your day off on the right path. Give yourself every opportunity to practice good health habits and set clear goals for your day, this is what I mean by intentions.

When you have a plan, you’re more likely to succeed. Give it try tomorrow morning and see if it makes a different in your day!

What morning rituals or practices do you have that help you?

Make your week a great one!