Do you avoid gluten, dairy or something else?

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Do you avoid gluten or something else? The reason I ask is really pretty simple.

I hear this statement, “I’m gluten free” a lot. What follows is even more amazing…see if you agree!

I usually ask how long they’ve been gluten free and how’s it working out for them and we just generally converse about what’s going on with their health in general.

What always comes up is this…I feel so much better without gluten but the minute I eat anything with gluten in it, I’m so sick or I have to run to the bathroom immediately, or something else.

Hmmmm….do you think that you can avoid gluten (or something else) for the rest of your life so as not to set off an attack of some kind?

What if I proposed something else? Would you be willing to listen and learn what needed to be done in order to heal your body?

You do realize that it’s quite possible for your body to heal don’t you?

I practice the belief that our body, given the right tools, knows how to heal ourselves from the inside out.

This creation that is our body is so unique that everything runs like clockwork unless of course a monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix.

Monkey wrenches typically are the processed foods that we consume a lot of, the toxic environment we live in, the toxins put onto our skin via most commercial lotions and potions we call skincare and haircare.

Even if you eat “healthy” and don’t properly prepare your foods, you’ll have issues.

Most nuts, beans, seeds and grains need to be soaked or sprouted before we consume them. Because so much hybridized wheat is in so much of the foods we consume on a regular basis, it’s no wonder we have belly bloat, etc.

So if the body knows how to heal itself, why doesn’t it, you might ask?

Great question…it goes back to a couple of things.

The body is miraculous in what it can do.

Inflammation is a key player both good and bad. When you cut yourself, the red cross comes out to take care of any foreign invaders to keep out harmful bacteria and aids in healing.

The bad side of inflammation is that when the body is invaded by foreign invaders constantly, the body is under constant attack and now too much inflammation happens and all kinds of things happen, from diabetes, heart disease, ADD, ADHD, auto immune diseases, etc.

How does the body get invaded so badly? Leaky Gut Syndrome is a HUGE player. When the gut lining (small intestine) leaks because of over abuse by the foods and toxins we consume, large food particles are allowed to pass through the walls of the intestine, causing the body to see these as foreign invaders and thinks its under attack.

Our bodies need some sense of order and not kaoss. It needs the right arsenal or toolbox of healing.

It’s all quite possible, as I’ve stated before, you just first of all have to be willing to address the issues. Maybe its realizing for the first time that you really don’t feel well.

Maybe it’s addressing the fact that as we age we aren’t meant to have so many aches and pains. That’s NOT normal. We aren’t supposed to be depleted of our energy. We aren’t supposed to be taking so many medications that we have to have a calendar of events to keep them all straight.

What if…you allowed your body to heal, you became gluten tolerant or dairy tolerant or some other kind of tolerant?

What would life look and feel like? I want to hear your comments below.

To your health,


Holistic Wellness Mentor

PS: I’ve opened up my calendar for those who are serious about their health and are curious about how to heal, rather than avoid forever. Click here and let’s talk about your life and take it back.

I’m writing to a good friend


I’m sitting here with you in my sights…sipping tea and chatting about our lives. Sharing some laughs, some ah ha moments, shedding a tear or two and reflecting on what’s great and what’s not so great.

I really do feel like we’re all good friends. I wish for you all that I wish for my family. Good laughs, good fun, making great memories, enjoying good health and most of all, being loved, cherished and needed!

One recent conversation with a woman has me thinking about all that we often take for granted. I know we don’t mean to. And yet, our health is probably one of the most taken for granted gifts we’re given.

I’ve often wondered and contemplated about that, and I ask that question when I’m chatting with friends.

Why do you think that is? I mean really? Is it because when we feel great, have tons of energy, don’t ache and sleep well, we really do take for granted that we’ll always experience this?

Remember when you were in your teens? If you’re like most, you literally ate anything you wanted and probably didn’t even think about it. It was just a way to feed those belly rumblings and cravings.

Then when you got into your twenties…you might have started to notice some slight changes…a little less energy and perhaps your body started to fight back a little with more belly bloats and bathroom issues.

Then when you hit your thirties, well now, a lot of us have started families and are in such a rush and schedules are crammed full, it’s put whatever on the table in as fast a method as possible between events. We’re probably more tired, not feeling our top best but hey…we’re getting older.

Well now, what about our forties…things are slowing down a smidge, we definitely can’t eat like we used to or party all night or binge anything like we used to, but we certainly try sometimes.

The magical fifties…the belly fights back often, we are tired and chock it up to we’re getting older. The body aches, things are being diagnosed that are not really big surprises…I mean this is what happens with age right?

Well now, where did the years go…the sixties are upon you and you can’t eat anything like you used to? No more late night binges and you really prefer to go to bed early in hopes of obtaining a good night’s sleep. If only I don’t hurt tonight and all the meds I’m on don’t make me get up frequently or cause my heartburn to flare up. When’s my next Doctors appointment?

Do you get the point I’m making? It really is all about what we’ve been conditioned to believe is our health destiny.

I can’t begin to tell you how times I hear the statement….”Well I am getting older; it’s just to be expected.” That’s bull. It’s not because you’re getting older, it’s because you aren’t taking care of yourself.

You continue eating the very foods that are toxic to your system with little regard to how it’s affecting your body, mind and spirit for that matter.

At some point, you have to want to take charge of your outcome and stop looking for the “magic pill.”

While writing this article, I had a phone conversation with someone that said these very words. “Everyone is looking for the magic and wants the results of losing weight right now.”

I get it…I have been in the fitness, weight loss and wellness industry for twelve plus years. We’re human and we’re conditioned to want “it” now, whatever “it” is for you.

We don’t want to work for “it”, we just want the magic wand to be waved over us and poof, we’re thinner, we have more energy, we don’t hurt anymore, the body moves like it used to, we aren’t taking a handful of powerful med, etc.

All of the magic that everyone is looking for really can be had…just not by all the money being spent on pills, diets, creams, potions, etc.

It takes real food, properly prepared and the willingness to learn what you don’t know and then do the work.

It’s really that simple. Is it always easy? No…change usually isn’t. Is it worth it? What do you think? The saying, “All things worth having, are worth the work” is my favorite quote, by me, thank you very much!

If we don’t earn our just reward, we don’t appreciate it. Just like we don’t appreciate our good health until we’ve lost it!

Let’s take a stand, be willing to do the work, with me or someone else, but please just do the work and learn what you don’t know! The rewards are worthy of a lifetime of great health!

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: My tea is gone and I just really want you to know that I’m passionate about health and I’m passionate about you. My message to you dear friend is this…Don’t wait any longer to reclaim your health or learn what you need to learn. Waiting doesn’t make anything better, it just prolongs the agony. I’m only a call away. Until next time my friend, cheers!

When to Say No to your Doctor


Every time you walk into a physician’s office, you run the risk of overtreatment: Tests you don’t need, medications that are ineffective (or dangerous), procedures that cause more problems than they solve. In many cases the best thing for your health is to do nothing.

Now before I start getting all kinds of hate male, let’s qualify why this is. Doctor’s medical school training is really all about crisis care and acute care, not the huge chronic and lifestyle diseases that are rampant today.

What is in a physician’s tool box typically is surgery and drugs. When in school, they aren’t trained in lifestyle changes, nutrition, and stress reducing methods or supplements for that matter.

I came across this article a few days ago that I thought did this subject justice, hence I wanted to share it with you. It’s worth the read and even the share as we all have to learn, grow and share what we know.

Please share your comments below…excited for the journey we’re on together.

When to Say No to your Doctor

Written by Joseph Hooper

Originally published in Men’s Journal

It’s been a couple of years, so you decide to see your primary-care physician for a physical.

You feel fine, but it’s the responsible thing to do. You get your blood pressure measured and your blood drawn. Within a few days you’ll get the lab report that will give you the readout on the amount of cholesterol and sugar in your blood. (This drill is so routine that you and your doctor don’t even discuss the implications of a possible bad test result.) If you’ve entered your middle years, he’ll probably ask if you want the lab to test your blood for PSA, a screening test that can tell you if you’re at an elevated risk for prostate cancer.

You figure it’s probably good to get out in front of these things, so you nod yes. Insurance covers it anyway.

Congratulations – you’ve just stepped onto a conveyor belt pulling you into a broken system that delivers disappointing results at ever-increasing cost. To wit: The United States spends roughly twice as much per capita as most of the nations of Western Europe, whose citizens on average outlive us by a couple of years. Our own national Institute of Medicine says we waste $210 billion annually on treatments of no or marginal benefit. In a study last year, researchers from the Mayo Clinic went through 10 years of the New England Journal of Medicine, from 2001 through 2010. Of the established tests and procedures reevaluated in studies in the journal, 40 percent were found to be worthless.

You may not care that Spain is kicking our national butts in the longevity sweepstakes, or that our wasteful health care system is driving up insurance premiums. But understand that a medical system that routinely uses drugs and procedures to treat the possibility of future disease poses a potential threat to your health. “As doctors, we have focused on the few we might be able to help,” says Dr. Gilbert Welch, a professor at Dartmouth’s Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. “The time has come for us to give equal attention to the many who are dragged through the process unnecessarily.”

Let’s go back to that seemingly benign checkup. “The problem with getting a physical is that doctors are looking for an action plan for whatever turns up,” says Dr. David Newman, director of clinical research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. And so, for instance, borderline high blood pressure, or, as it’s sometimes known, prehypertension, can invite a prescription for antihypertensive drugs – with accompanying side effects and no good evidence of benefit. Ditto for the meds to push down high blood sugar for type 2 diabetes. And then there are the statin drugs prescribed to bring down high LDL cholesterol – about one-fourth of American adults take them, risking significant side effects on drugs that have shown little or no ability to decrease heart attack risk in people who haven’t already had one. And the PSA screening test for prostate cancer? Two years ago, the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force recommended no one be screened, citing “very small potential benefit and significant potential harms.” And yet over the past 20 years, a high PSA reading has sent more than 1 million American men down a one-way street to radiation therapy or surgical removal of the gland, with notorious side effects. “Impotence and incontinence are the hallmarks of having gone to the doctor over the age of 50,” says Newman.

A handful of well-respected, influential physicians have recently gone public with their dissatisfaction, not to say outrage, over the state of the medical status quo: Welch in his book Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Heath; Newman in Hippocrates’ Shadow: Secrets from the House of Medicine; Dr. Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, in How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America; and University of North Carolina professor of medicine Dr. Nortin Hadler, most recently in The Citizen Patient: Reforming Health Care for the Sake of the Patient, Not the System.

They all decry a system that has oversold the American public not only on the $300 billion worth of pharmaceuticals people snap up every year, but also on the profoundly false idea that high-tech medicine is more potent than behavior – diet, exercise, stress management – when it comes to warding off the most common “diseases of aging.” In fact, when the doctor-authors crunch the numbers, the signature medical advances of the past several decades – from statins and cardiac stents to diagnostic-imaging technologies such as MRI and the CT scan – turn out to have had an enormous impact on medicine’s financial bottom line but precious little effect on public health.

“In the U.S., we don’t stress preventing disease,” Brawley says. “We stress finding disease early and treating it, which is a shame.”

Make no mistake: A good doctor is, or should be, your most trusted resource if you’re sick. If you’re not sick and he wants to treat you anyway, that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad doctor. But it does make him a player in a system that operates according to the unspoken and often unexamined assumption that more treatment is better for the patient. It’s unquestionably better for the financial health of the stakeholders in the system: the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, the health-insurance companies, and the hospitals. If you don’t know how the game is played, the odds go up that you’ll wind up the loser.

The remedial prescription calls for you to take more responsibility for your own health care because you can’t be sure anyone else is. The first requisite is the ability to say no to your doctor. That’s not as daunting as it sounds, thanks to the Web resources at your disposal. Not only can the Web ground you in the fundamentals of medical literacy, it’s also a way to tap into a more sophisticated means of pushing back against rising overtreatment in the medical establishment. Three websites jump out:, from a volunteer panel of medical experts that reports to Congress;, produced by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit group trying to upgrade medical practices; and, created by reform-minded iconoclast David Newman.

We live in an era of defensive medicine, with doctors overprescribing and overtreating, in part because they’re afraid of malpractice lawsuits or professional censure, and in part because they’re trained to abhor inaction. This Men’s Journal package is about becoming a defensive patient, about saying no – or, at the very least, “time out” – when the system is foisting on you the questionable screenings, drugs, and procedures described in the pages that follow. These treatments may have a plausible rationale behind them (though not convincing data); they may be the so-called standard of care; they may even be lifesaving for a certain subgroup of patients. But often they’re not in your best interest.


PART 1: Screening for Disease Where No Symptoms Exist


PART 2: Drugs: Effective for the Few, Prescribed to the Many


PART 3: Surgeries You May Be Better Off Without

Surgical instruments


Autoimmune Disease: 3rd Leading Chronic Disease


If you’re like me, reading that Autoimmune Diseases are now considered the 3rd leading chronic disease, right behind right heart disease and cancer is eye opening!

Over 50 million Americans are affected and a large percentage of that number is women. They are the top ten leading cause of death in women under the age of 65 and they come in more than 80 different varieties.

These include things such as Lupus, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid Disease, Thyroid Disease, Type I Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and so many more.

If you’re not familiar, autoimmune disease is a disease of the immune system and one of the biggest problems with diagnosis is that Doctors don’t look or recognize these immune diseases as diseases of the immune system as whole but instead they are looked at as diseases of particular organs.

What this means really, is that you’ll be shipped to different specialists for different issues. Many people who suffer from one autoimmune disease also suffer from a few and that means many specialists.

Our current medical beliefs are that once someone is afflicted with an autoimmune disease, they are no cures or ways to reverse the affects, only treatments of managing the symptoms, which means some really harsh meds that are supposed to suppress the immune system.

The problem with suppressing your whole immune system is the side effects that often arrive too. Things like depression, weight gain, fatigue, more chance for infection and even cancer.

My belief and that of many others who believe in holistic health and functional health believe that our bodies work together. So when one area is affected, it affects other areas. The same is for a healthy system or area.

When you can treat the root causes of diseases and not the symptoms, it’s possible to reverse many of the effects of these often debilitating diseases.

I believe, having my focus on the gut, plays an integral part on your whole body health.

If you were to look at the reasons that often times lay hidden behind other things, there really are only a handful of places to start paying attention to.

The first thing I look at is Gluten Intolerance. I think many people think of the gut first, which it is damaging to, but it’s also detrimental to our neurological system too, like pain, sleep, fatigue, depression, brain fog and others. Many don’t associate these symptoms to so many autoimmune diseases.

Let’s also think about the term “leaky gut”. Many times our gut is so damaged by things like stress, gluten, meds and infections that our gut becomes  permeable, which means it allows our food particles to escape through the gut walls into our bloodstream, which then means we’re not absorbing the nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

The escape of toxins and gluten starts to form inflammation which then leads us right to autoimmune diseases.

I just mentioned toxins as a culprit. We are surrounded my much in our current environment. Heavy metals, like mercury are a factor. Think of exposure from sources like mercury fillings you might have in your teeth. Some fish are heavily exposed.

Let’s not forget stress. While some stress isn’t harmful, chronic stress is. It leads to inflammation that is on all the time, which over time leads to autoimmune disease.

So, I hope you’re now wondering how one helps themselves to better health other than conventional medicine.

My answer; gut health healing is a great place to begin.

What this means is this, elimination to begin with. You have to learn what the culprits are. I’m not by any means saying to eliminate foods from your diet forever. You need to find out what the triggers are, heal the gut, which controls about 80% of your immune system, and then you can start slowly introducing foods back in.

The whole idea isn’t to eliminate gluten forever; the idea is to become gluten tolerant.

Dairy and grains is another culprit for many. The idea isn’t to eliminate forever.

Your body needs to heal. This means managing stress, treating any possible infections, and reducing toxins in your system.

The overall idea is to get to the root of the problems, treat and reverse those, and not to suppress your entire immune system, which leads to other problems.

I believe that you aren’t intended to be living a life of mediocrity and feeling bad or not living your life at all.

How many people do you know that are afflicted? We all need to ban together and spread the good news. There is hope and healing.

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: Are you personally affected or do you know someone who’s suffering with an autoimmune disease(s)? Give yourself hope or someone you know. By clicking here, I would be happy to talk with you to determine where you are today and make a plan to get your life back. Not one filled with pain and suffering and fatigue. Light and Love are being sent your way!


Can you help spread the word?


Another awesome week and great conversations with so many leave me feeling blessed and humbled.

Have a told you lately how blessed I am to be a Holistic Health Coach? Do you realize that I “get to” help so many on their health journeys?

I don’t “have to” share any of the amazing wisdom and knowledge that I have gained over the years, I “get to”.

So, I am asking your support in spreading the word on so many accounts. If you or a loved one is suffering needlessly and needs some guidance, send them my way.

If you or a loved one is befuddled with where to truly start, ask me, I’ll help demystify and together we’ll make a game plan to start walking in the right and best direction.

The basis of this article really was to shed some light on chickens, as I was engaged in a conversation this week with a gentleman who has Celiac disease and he and his wife are navigating the healthier side of nutrition and practicing what they are learning.

Trial and error is what happens a lot for all of us. We quickly figure out what we don’t know and quickly go figure it out. However, there are many who just get frustrated and give up! This is where spreading the word comes in too! We can’t keep what we know a secret. We have to share and pass along!

In our conversation, it was mentioned that he needed to consume bone broth “stock” and said that they could go to “Sam’s Club” and get a rotisserie chicken for $5 bucks, and you can’t beat that.

While I listened to him say this, it struck me that this is a lot of the thinking that has gotten us into trouble with our health.

We think in terms of cost, what’s easiest and fastest. While I’m not saying this is necessarily wrong, what if we tweaked this line of thinking.

What if we processed our thoughts with, how can I consume the freshest, locally grown or raised meats and produce at the best possible price? How could I best benefit his/her family while doing the same for mine?

Could you imagine what our economy would look like, not only our economic climate, but our health as well?

If we were to stop relying on what’s cheapest and easiest and switch from what’s freshest and raised locally and in season, what would your world look like?

Does it take a little more thought and planning? Sure, but not really any more than you’re currently doing by making the many trips to the grocery or through the drive-thru restaurants.

While I gave the gentlemen some education on the difference between his $5 chicken and a good healthy pastured chicken, by basically saying that there really is no comparison in terms of health and nutrition in the two.

Comparison in terms of fat – pasture-raised poultry contain 21 percent less fat than conventional chickens and 30 percent less saturated fat.

Pastured-raised poultry has 50 percent more vitamin A compared to conventional raised broilers.

Omega-3 fatty acids are significantly higher as well, which reduce your risks of cancer. People with higher levels of Omega-3 are less likely to have high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. They are 50 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack and less likely to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder or Alzheimer’s disease.

It has been estimated that only 40 percent of Americans consume an adequate supply of omega-3 fatty acids. Twenty percent have blood levels so low that they cannot be detected. Switching to meat, milk and dairy products of grass-fed animals is one way to restore this vital nutrient to your diet.

There is also no residue from pesticides, growth hormones or other chemicals that you will have from commercially raised birds.

Best of all, the excellent texture and taste won’t even come close to comparing to a commercial raised bird.

When the birds are healthy, so are you. When you support your local farmer, our economy is healthy. You see, it’s a win, win, win!

The gentlemen shared that he would probably have to go far to obtain pasture-raised chicken and I shared a local farmer’s location; he was delighted to know that it wasn’t truly very far to go to get good food.

Let’s also not forget about the wonderful egg. Hens raised on pasture are far more nutritious than hens confined in factory farms. Eggs from hens raised on pasture are also showing 4 to 6 times as much Vitamin D as typical supermarket eggs.

Not to mention 1/3 less cholesterol, ¼ less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times more Vitamin E and 7 times more beta carotene.

So you see I need help spreading the word. The word of health, hope and healing. Are you up for the challenge?

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach


PS: Claim your spot now, don’t delay or think about it anymore. Life is too short to dilly dally, as they say! Click here and “Let’s talk”.

Gluten Free or not to be….that is the question!


I have so many conversations with many of you about Gluten. It seems that our current state is “Gluten Free.”

Do you find yourself perusing the grocery store shelves for anything that says it’s Gluten Free or just plain avoiding anything you think might have gluten in it?

If so, you’re not alone. The statistics say that as many as 30% of American adults are actively trying to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diets.

One search even found me face to face with a Gluten Free dating site. The objective, from what I could tell was to help match up gluten-free dieters with others that share the same thoughts or situations.

It’s everywhere, the FDA’s involved, with their labeling standards of course.

Have you ever noticed that when “new” fads arrive, bandwagons get started and people either are head over heal in love with it or they hate it?

Stand around any lunchroom or be at a dinner party, and chances are the conversation will lead to a new diet and today, gluten is the hot topic.

I’m not even saying that continuing on today’s modern diet, you shouldn’t watch the amount you are consuming, but come on…really labeling such foods like potato chips as Gluten free, is that really necessary? They are potatoes the last time I checked…no grains!

In my opinion, if you are in fact looking to reduce gluten in your diet, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if done in the right context. Meaning you aren’t eliminating nutrient dense, naturally gluten-free foods like meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts rather than the so-called gluten-free junk food.

Do people that lower gluten or eliminate gluten for a time feel better? Absolutely and I believe it’s because our bodies need a break for the barrage that’s being dumped in.

All things in moderation are really what this is all about. We live in a culture and society that likes to overdo and over indulge.

I don’t think that eliminating grains from your diet is the answer. Grains provide valuable nutrients that you can’t otherwise get.

I do feel however, that for a time, while you’re following a good, sound protocol to allow your body to heal, diagnose and treat your specific allergies, the key goal…..are to you ready for this?…IS TO BECOME GLUTEN TOLERANT!

I’m sure this might not be a popular answer….but I feel strongly that we should be wise, smart, buying consumers.

Many are giving up good sourdough breads because they have shunned “gluten”. If you don’t know the benefits of sourdough, read this!

Like I said prior, elimination for a time might be necessary. The intent is to heal and introduce some back in!

Again, when we practice everything in moderation, we’re happier and healthier. The choice is yours!

I will leave you with a little checklist if you will. Something that will at least give you a roadmap to follow and getting the help you need and deserve.

1. Eat organic (avoid foods with added chemicals)

2. Eat only pastured or grass-fed meat and drink raw milk

3. Avoid Genetically Modified Foods – go to

4. Avoid corn sugars and beet sugars

5. Avoid vegetable oils (corn, canola, soy and processed foods that contain them)

6. Get Blood testing for Vitamin D and B12 levels and food allergies

8. Avoid antibacterial soaps

9. Make or buy and then eat homemade non-pasteurized lacto-fermented foods and drinks

10. Drink filtered and re-mineralized water (add mineralized salt)

11. Eat sulfur containing foods (cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, garlic, onions, chives, eggs, etc.)

12. Avoid glyphosates (associated with food intolerances, autism, leaky gut, etc.)

13. Use unprocessed salt, avoid commercial salt

14. Expose yourself to the sun, no sunburns and do not use sunglasses

15. Know your farmer and buy locally produced foods

While this list isn’t all inclusive, it certainly is a great start!

Where do you see yourself falling short or what do you need help with? Share below in the comments section or anytime on the Facebook page at

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: Was there something surprising or confusing about the list I shared with you? Want to talk more about it and see how these things mesh into your lifestyle? Click here and let’s talk further!


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Life Giving Foods vs. Life Robbing Foods!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You might be asking how I distinguish between life giving foods and life robbing foods.

This past week I had the great pleasure to listen to a very wise woman share her plight into traditional eating and the reason was her sick young daughter.

You see, most mothers (and fathers) become fierce momma or papa bears when our young are sick or ill, don’t we?

We want to find out what exactly is wrong and then do everything in our power to make them better.

I know I’ve done this over the years with my own daughters and now with my grandchildren. When they don’t feel well, we’re digging and fixing!

If you’re shopping for and consuming prepackaged and commercialized food products from your local grocery, you are consuming life robbing foods.

There is a list of 10 major life robbing foods that I’d like to share that you should NEVER eat and then I’ll share the list of life giving foods.

Foods you should NEVER EVER eat….

1. GMO Foods

(Corn, Soy, Sugar, Aspartame, Papaya, Canola Oil, Cotton Oil, Commercial Dairy, Zucchini, Yellow Squash)

2. Processed Meats

(Lunch meats, hotdogs, sausages, bacon)

3. Microwave Popcorn

4. Soft Drinks

5. Diet Beverages

6. Refined White Flours

7. Refined Sugars

8. Conventional “Dirty” Produce (see EWG’s Dirty Dozen listing here)

9. Farmed Salmon

10. Hydrogenated Oils (canola, shortening, vegetable oils)

(Most baked goods use these oils)

Whew….that’s a list isn’t it?

Now would you like the list of foods that are living giving and good for you? It’s my pleasure to present them!

1. Bone Broths

2. Raw Milk

3. Yogurt

4. Kefir

5. Grass-fed Beef, Pork, Lamb

6. Pastured poultry (chicken, turkey)

7. Sourdough Bread

8. Pastured Eggs

9. Fresh fruits and veggies (preferably organic)

10. Soaked grains, nuts, seeds, beans

11. Fermented veggies, fruits and teas

Yum!!! This is the food items that I adore! When foods are properly grown, prepared and eaten, they give life and they taste absolutely delicious!

Often times in conversations, it comes about that “healthy” doesn’t taste good. Well, have I got news for you. When you eat the “life giving” foods I outlined above, your whole body sings, including your mouth!

Every cell is awakened and having a party and rejoicing! One of my clients recently shared how she’s feeling just after two weeks of consuming Kombucha (fermented tea) and Bone broths. The results are amazing and she’s seeing the proof.

Guess what else is amazing? She’s telling everyone that will listen. Why? Because when you’ve struggled with something like IBS for so long and you don’t have control over what your body does, and all of a sudden you are given a glimpse of normal and vibrant living, you feel fabulous, you look fabulous, people notice and you sing!

Isn’t it time to take back your health and your life? Do you feel doomed to just suffer through? Or perhaps you’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to work.

It really isn’t your fault. You just need a fresh start, some sound guidance, a good roadmap to follow to your destination, which is great health, energy, sound sleep, vibrant vitality and the feelings of being youthful and sexy again.

I really don’t believe we were put on this planet to suffer. We are created of a higher power and image and that image isn’t one of a broken down body that suffers needlessly.

What has been your biggest takeaway from the “Life Robbing” and “Life Giving” foods list? Share your comments below.

To Your Health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: Are you ready for your personal roadmap to health and vibrancy? Click here to talk and make a plan! Isn’t it time to take your life back?

Are you crazy?


Are you crazy? Do you really want to suffer miserably with poor health and just get by? Pretty bold questions aren’t they?

This week I was privileged enough to have a GREAT conversation with my friend Jered. We were conversing about how sometimes we just want to shake people and say “What is wrong with you? Why won’t you wake up and do what you need to do to take back your health?”

The conversation went something like this, see if you’ve had similar ones with anyone you love and care about, or maybe it’s you and you’ve had the conversation with yourself.

We watch people out living their lives. The eyes are glazed over; they are lethargic and have brain fog. The senses are dulled and are taking so many different meds that it’s hard to keep them all straight.

But, it’s so easy to call the doc up and get an appointment for what ails you and then drive up to the pharmacy window and pop some more pills and you THINK you feel better for a time.

The sad reality is this….you’re not getting better. The even sadder truth is…you may really believe that you are!

Taking meds is not going to heal you. It’s covering up symptoms, not healing them. The sooner you realize that you hold the power within your hands to do something about your situation, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Baby steps is what I talk about often. Most of us won’t or don’t want to dive in head first, although we probably should. We get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and what to do with it or how to process it.

Jered used himself, being very vulnerable, (I hope you don’t mind that I share this), he didn’t know the basics of being in a kitchen. Like what it meant to “zest” a piece of fruit or how to “press” garlic.

I believe that many are in the same boat. You want to learn, but haven’t the slightest idea how or where to begin. If you’re really serious about figuring it out, you’ll go research and learn or you’ll ask someone how to do something.

The unfortunate thing is this…often times we don’t want to appear unknowledgeable, so we just don’t say anything.

Do you see why I truly just want to shake you? It’s like standing outside and looking in! I can see all the hurt, the pain, the burning gut, the sadness and I can help.

You have to want it though. Therein lays the BIG problem. Without the desire and tenacity to do the work and take the time it will take to heal, you won’t. You’ll stay stuck right where you’re at and continue to get worse.

While you may talk a big talk about wanting to get better and wanting to have more energy and wanting to lose weight, until you actually are serious about it and make it the first priority in your life, you won’t change a thing.

I’m sorry if this is hitting you between the eyes. Well, I’m really not. You see, I need you to get mad and to have an epiphany. This is your only life. You aren’t like a cat that has 9 lives. You get 1 and what you do with it, is entirely up to you. I just truly hope that you decide to live and live it fully.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a pretty passionate and an opinionated individual. I can get in your face when I need to. I can be the biggest cheerleader a person knows. If you’re facing a crisis in your life, you may need a friend and you may need someone to hold you accountable to staying on track.

I believe in you. I believe you have the power to take back your health and your life. Do you believe it? Leave your comments below OR schedule time to talk with me so you can start living the life you were put on this earth for.

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: Belief….it’s a powerful word. Hope….it’s all you need to start believing and living! Are you ready?






Why I Do What I Do….


I get asked quite frequently why I care so much for others and why I do what I do. My answer is always the same….because we all have the ability, given the right tools, to live a whole and healthy life.

Why should we take our “temple” for granted? Why should we “assume” that we will keep be given chance after chance to change our ways?

Ocean Robbins put it like this…”When we turn our food into a commodity that we consume for the lowest possible price and the highest possible short-term pleasure, without regard for the planet or humans and animals who may have been involved in its production our choices come back to haunt us. We are toxifying our bodies as we are toxifying our planet with a toxic food system.”

“This toxic food system is crippling our economy, it’s causing millions of deaths, and it’s causing widespread suffering to a majority of the humans alive today. And it is completely preventable.”

I personally couldn’t have said this any better. The more that we stick our heads in the sand and “don’t care”, the more we will have diseases, illnesses, early deaths and more.

On the other hand, the more we’re willing to learn what we don’t know and take action, diseases, illnesses and early deaths are preventable.

This is precisely, Why I Do What I Do!

I believe at our deepest core, most of us do care about taking care of our bodies and learning what we need to do in order to turn things around.

I really don’t honestly believe that we’d rather die an early death and live a miserable existence. I think that given a choice, we’d rather take charge of what goes into our mouths and learn proper nutrition.

This leads me into why I’m “The Gut Lady”. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that I’m constantly linking most diseases to your gut health, or lack thereof.

As mentioned above, we can prevent most of what happens to us and our bodies are miraculous healing machines, when given the right food and tools to heal.

You have the power within your hands, which is really incredible if you think about it. Have you ever thought about the “Super Heroes?” Well you really could be ranked right there with them, when armed with knowledge and the will to make the necessary changes.

If you decide to stay stuck because you are overwhelmed, I can’t help you and I doubt that anyone can. Super heroes think about how they can best serve themselves and others.

If you are overwhelmed and want help, you’re in the right place. We can journey through this process together. I love linking arms with individuals and families that truly want to make a difference in their lives.

When we have the drive and tenacity, we’ll make huge strides toward improving our health, our lives, our attitudes and all the other benefits that go with being “healthy.”

Are you searching and seeking? Do you want to learn all you can and either improve your health or heal your body?

You are in the right place. This again, Is Why I Do What I Do.

I believe that we each have a God given right to take care of our bodies, which means being smart, learning, taking action constantly, and helping others do the same.

You see, I’m a big proponent of learning and then sharing that knowledge with others. If you constantly take in new things that could help others and don’t, well, that’s just wrong.

Not only are you doing others a disservice, you are not being true to yourself either.

Now….are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, I am expecting to hear from you. Click here and “let’s talk.”

To your health,

Kellie Valenti

Holistic Health Coach

PS: Where are you at in the learning or healing process? At the beginning, middle or somewhere well along the path? I have a plan and a process for each of you. All you have to do is want it. Click here to get started now! No more procrastinating!


Are you doing everything right and still have health issues?


Have you ever said something like this…”I eat healthy, I exercise, I get enough sleep, and basically I’m doing everything right, why I am I still not well?”

Have you ever considered food preparation? The way you prepare your foods plays a major role in your health. It’s true!

I used to think that I did a lot of things right and while that’s true, there was so much more that I needed to learn.

If you’re like me, you want to know the why behind the reason. When someone teaches something that’s a new concept to me, I want to always know why it’s beneficial and why I should be doing it.

So, you get the benefit of me asking WHY!

Proper food preparation comes down to the following: better digestion and better nutrition.

Foods like, grains, nuts, seeds and beans should be soaked or sprouted first. There’s a little thing called phytic acid, which I’ve talked about before. The purpose of this little protective coating for the plant is to “protect” the food item.

While it’s doing its job of protecting, it’s protecting itself from you too. When you consume these foods without soaking/sprouting them first, they are harder to digest and you aren’t able to access their full nutrients.

An example would be grains. I use a Sprouted Spelt Flour in my Kefir Sourdough bread. Spelt is an ancient grain, going back to 5000 BC and it’s a close cousin to wheat.

The spelt berry is soaked for approx. 3 days to allow it to sprout. While at this point in time you won’t see a big sprout, it’s actually quite small, the grain has now become much more utilizable by the body.

Because I soak and sprout all nuts, seeds, grains and beans, my gut is thankful and because my gut is healthy, I also get the added nutritional benefit my body is absorbing.

If your gut isn’t healthy, for instance if you know you have leaky gut, autoimmune diseases, Crone’s disease, IBS or anything similar, your body is likely not absorbing the nutrients you are putting in.

If you know you have any of these issues, you need to heal your gut first, which is quite possible.

Because I take my sprouted breads and soaked granolas to local Farmer’s Markets, I am constantly asked “What’s sprouted and soaked mean?” I love to share what I’ve shared with you.

The person that walks by, has a puzzled look on their face and doesn’t ask, I’m wondering how long they will wonder what those terms mean and realize that it’s detriment to their health.

Many of us have questions all the time but are too afraid to ask them for fear of seeming dumb or thinking that it will be a dumb question.

In my opinion, not asking, especially if you don’t know, is dumb. We all don’t know what we don’t know. This is how we learn.

If you are currently enjoying good health and don’t have many gut issues, I applaud you. AND I will ask you to consider soaking and sprouting the necessary foods before you consume them.

If you eat out a lot, I would ask that you start preparing more foods at home and eat out less. Your body won’t hold out forever putting in foods that aren’t serving you well.

Someone recently asked me, “If I’m not having issues with my gut, why would I want to soak and sprout anyway?” My answer…why wouldn’t you?

I mean this sincerely. If for no other reason than to make it easier for your body to digest these foods and not make it work so hard AND the big one, you get so many more nutrients from eating the same food when it’s prepared correctly.

To soak and sprout you need something acidic to do the job. My preferred option is raw apple cider vinegar. You can use lemon juice and you can use vinegar.

This is the medium that will break down the phytic acid. Generally speaking most things need to be soaked overnight. As I mentioned earlier, sprouting takes a little longer.

Here’s a little chart that should show you some soak times for nuts. Click here. What I generally do is bring home my bulk nuts, soak them, dry them and store in glass jars. This way they are done when I need them.

The same goes for grains that would be used for granola or grains for flour. Rice is another example. When you bring them home, plan in your schedule to properly prepare them.

I have beans that have been soaked and then I just freeze them. These make awesome bases for crackers as well.

There are so many ways to save time and properly prepare your foods.

Got questions, I’ve got answers. Ask away in the comments below.

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: If you are new to this concept and feel like you’d like more guidance in the healing process, click here to schedule time with me. Personalized plans are key in your healing process. No one size fits all. We only get one life, why not live it fully and well. Click here to start healing.