Do you ever wish for easy and safe shopping?

Woman holding grocery bags containing vegetables, mid section

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is just plain exhausting wondering what’s in our food and then attempting to buy things that aren’t going to be detrimental to your health. Am I right?

A recent conversation about sweet corn at a local farmer’s market, led me to thinking about other conversations about not assuming that what you are buying is safe, if you wish not to consume genetically modified foods or pesticides, or herbicides.

Sweet corn is no different. While most isn’t a GMO crop, unless you are buying organic or know the grower personally, you can’t be entirely sure.

So what’s the easiest and safest way to shop? Stop shopping in the grocery store. I promise you, they won’t miss you if you stopped shopping tomorrow. Source your foods from trusted producers. You can literally find everything you need, food wise outside the grocery store.

I personally only shop the store for paper products, minimal health and beauty items (i.e.: razors, floss, etc.) and canning jars. I can’t tell you the last time I shopped up and down the grocery isles for food.

The best thing about buying your food from your neighbor? You support their family. They spend some of their earnings in the local economy and we continue supporting one another AND we enjoy good clean food, which in turn affords us good health.

If while building your producer list you still need to fill in the gap at the grocery store, I thought I’d empower you to shop smarter, since we all have the right to know what’s in our food and labeling isn’t an option yet today, hopefully soon.

Following is the current crop list. If you wish to avoid GMO products, then keep this list handy.

GM Crop List*

  • Alfalfa
  • Apple
  • Argentine Canola
  • Bean
  • Carnation
  • Chicory
  • Cotton
  • Creeping Bentgrass
  • Eggplant
  • Eucalyptus
  • Flax
  • Maize
  • Melon
  • Papaya
  • Petunia
  • Plum
  • Polish Canola
  • Poplar
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Rose
  • Soybean
  • Squash
  • Sugar Beet
  • Sugarcane
  • Sweet Pepper
  • Tobacco
  • Tomato
  • Wheat


There are a couple apps that are very handy. If found this shopping guide, but this one is only for iPhones. If you know of one for Android, please share in the comments below.

Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide App by The Non-GMO Project

There is also a shopping guide and app (iTunes or Google Play) for the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 that is put out by EWG (Environmental Working Group) that I find super helpful, especially when shopping and you can’t afford, or can’t find all organic items.

When using these tools, I find the information helpful when shopping at your local farmer’s markets as well. It helps you to know what are trigger foods and important questions to ask about growing practices.

What have you found to be a good way to find local producers that provide what you need? Let’s help each other build our producer lists. Comment below and we’ll get started.

To your health,


Do you like sweet Kettle Corn?


Ok….be honest! I do…what’s not to like? Popcorn and sugary sweetness all popped together…yum!

This summer I’ve gotten to know a man named Ben who pops Kettle Korn for a hobby and sells his corn at Farmer’s Markets and local festivals.

It’s amazing how many people buy bags at a time…literally 3 or more at a time. These aren’t little bags either. That’s a lot of corn.

What I am really saying is….THAT’S A LOT OF GMO CORN!

A couple of weeks back, I started a heart to heart with Ben about his corn. I said, “Do you know what would make your Kettle Korn even better?” Ben says, “No, what?”

Envision this….Door wide open… (me stepping in) and time for some education 🙂

Shocker, I know!

My only answer at that time was “If you used non-GMO corn.” Now this is where it gets good….are you ready?

His reply, “I don’t know what that is.”

Honesty time here….I’m a little surprised. Ok….I’m more than a little surprised!

So, I’m quickly thinking, how do I broach this subject in the easiest, non-technical possible way?

Which got me to thinking….if Ben doesn’t know, then he has friends that don’t know either, which led me to writing this blog.

You see, I’m passionate about educating. I just shared with a friend this past week that I’ve just always been a teacher. I take in information like a sponge, sift through it and then repeat and share.

It’s just what lights me up. When I can help someone understand and better their life and health because of something I know, why wouldn’t I share, even if they don’t immediately do anything with it.

My hope really is that by planting seeds, some of those seeds will sprout and grow.

Then those plants are able to spread the good news too and there are more of us to share knowledge and information that’s paramount to us living a full and healthy life.

I share this because at some point we all find ourselves having conversations with people and sometimes random topics, like Kettle Korn come up.

I asked Ben if he had heard of Monsanto, DuPont and the like? He has. Good, that’s a start. I explain that corn is the number 1 genetically modified crop. It’s completely permeated, all the way inside the kernel.

Why is this a problem? Because that means unless you are buying an organic certified Non-GMO corn or corn product, you are consuming one of the most toxic foods in our lifetimes.

Of course Monsanto still says it’s completely safe. Why wouldn’t they? They have much to lose if research says otherwise. Which by the way, has! Hence the fight going on between the public, who wants the right to know what’s in their food vs. the Monsanto giants who don’t want you to know.

Not only is corn tolerant of the toxins like roundup, it’s completely permeated into the corn. What this means, you can’t get away from the toxins and chemicals, just by removing the husk.

There are some fruits and vegetables that can be peeled and are safer, still not best, but better.

I don’t know that I made any headway with Ben this round, but what I do know is this. He’s befriended me and we are having more conversations about health.

The seeds are being planted. Ben offered me a bag of his Kettle Korn and because I didn’t want to offend his generous offer, I took it and gave him a loaf of my Sprouted Spelt flour banana bread.

Sweet GMO corn for a slightly sweet healthy bread. I’m in! Fertilization has begun. I didn’t eat the corn by the way, tempting as it was. Sorry Ben! I just can’t do it!

Now, to work on the other ingredients in his sweet popcorn, like his sugar source, another GMO product and his oil source….soy!

Will he change everything over? Time will tell. If I could get him a good source of Non-GMO corn for a great price, I bet he’d consider it!

Next is the sugar. White sugar is sourced from sugar beets, another Monsanto crop.

Ingredient number 2, but we’ll take baby steps.

The biggest reason I’m sharing this story with you today is for 2 reasons….

  1. Awareness and education
  2. Pass this along and plant seeds of your own

Perhaps you’re like Ben and don’t really think about the corn you eat. I bet if you start paying attention to what you’re eating, which means reading labels; you’ll be amazed at how much it’s in!

Just one place to start cleaning up and removing debilitating toxins from your life. Baby steps!

Are you ready for a challenge? How many corn-containing food items can you do without or could you find a non-GMO source for? Post your answers below in the comments section.

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach


PS: If you are stuck, feeling overwhelmed, or just have no idea where to truly start taking your life back, Let’s Talk! No need to wade these waters alone. Even if you’ve tried before, with a well laid out plan, success is possible and so is living your life abundantly, not just getting by.

Gluten Free or not to be….that is the question!


I have so many conversations with many of you about Gluten. It seems that our current state is “Gluten Free.”

Do you find yourself perusing the grocery store shelves for anything that says it’s Gluten Free or just plain avoiding anything you think might have gluten in it?

If so, you’re not alone. The statistics say that as many as 30% of American adults are actively trying to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diets.

One search even found me face to face with a Gluten Free dating site. The objective, from what I could tell was to help match up gluten-free dieters with others that share the same thoughts or situations.

It’s everywhere, the FDA’s involved, with their labeling standards of course.

Have you ever noticed that when “new” fads arrive, bandwagons get started and people either are head over heal in love with it or they hate it?

Stand around any lunchroom or be at a dinner party, and chances are the conversation will lead to a new diet and today, gluten is the hot topic.

I’m not even saying that continuing on today’s modern diet, you shouldn’t watch the amount you are consuming, but come on…really labeling such foods like potato chips as Gluten free, is that really necessary? They are potatoes the last time I checked…no grains!

In my opinion, if you are in fact looking to reduce gluten in your diet, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if done in the right context. Meaning you aren’t eliminating nutrient dense, naturally gluten-free foods like meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts rather than the so-called gluten-free junk food.

Do people that lower gluten or eliminate gluten for a time feel better? Absolutely and I believe it’s because our bodies need a break for the barrage that’s being dumped in.

All things in moderation are really what this is all about. We live in a culture and society that likes to overdo and over indulge.

I don’t think that eliminating grains from your diet is the answer. Grains provide valuable nutrients that you can’t otherwise get.

I do feel however, that for a time, while you’re following a good, sound protocol to allow your body to heal, diagnose and treat your specific allergies, the key goal…..are to you ready for this?…IS TO BECOME GLUTEN TOLERANT!

I’m sure this might not be a popular answer….but I feel strongly that we should be wise, smart, buying consumers.

Many are giving up good sourdough breads because they have shunned “gluten”. If you don’t know the benefits of sourdough, read this!

Like I said prior, elimination for a time might be necessary. The intent is to heal and introduce some back in!

Again, when we practice everything in moderation, we’re happier and healthier. The choice is yours!

I will leave you with a little checklist if you will. Something that will at least give you a roadmap to follow and getting the help you need and deserve.

1. Eat organic (avoid foods with added chemicals)

2. Eat only pastured or grass-fed meat and drink raw milk

3. Avoid Genetically Modified Foods – go to

4. Avoid corn sugars and beet sugars

5. Avoid vegetable oils (corn, canola, soy and processed foods that contain them)

6. Get Blood testing for Vitamin D and B12 levels and food allergies

8. Avoid antibacterial soaps

9. Make or buy and then eat homemade non-pasteurized lacto-fermented foods and drinks

10. Drink filtered and re-mineralized water (add mineralized salt)

11. Eat sulfur containing foods (cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, garlic, onions, chives, eggs, etc.)

12. Avoid glyphosates (associated with food intolerances, autism, leaky gut, etc.)

13. Use unprocessed salt, avoid commercial salt

14. Expose yourself to the sun, no sunburns and do not use sunglasses

15. Know your farmer and buy locally produced foods

While this list isn’t all inclusive, it certainly is a great start!

Where do you see yourself falling short or what do you need help with? Share below in the comments section or anytime on the Facebook page at

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: Was there something surprising or confusing about the list I shared with you? Want to talk more about it and see how these things mesh into your lifestyle? Click here and let’s talk further!


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Genetic Roulette – Are you playing it?

Genetic Roulette

Last night I spent an incredible evening watching this power documentary called Genetic Roulette.

Genetic Roulette is a powerful documentary that I believe many are playing without knowing it or your consent. Watch a short clip here.

When you spin the wheel, the odds are not in your favor, typically. Think of a roulette wheel in a casino. The dealer spins the wheel, you place your bet and hope and pray that the ball bounces into your number slot so that you can hit pay dirt.

What if there was such a wheel in the game we call life? What do you think the odds would be if you were to bet on your health?

The irony is…there is! You see, what companies like Monsanto don’t want you to know is they are playing with your health and your life. You know me as “The Gut Lady” and that’s because I mainly focus on gut health.

Most illness and disease can be attributed to poor gut health. Poor gut health can be attributed to the foods and drinks that we consume on a regular basis. Things like environment, toxins and chemicals also play a role.

Where does that bring in Monsanto? They are the dynamo that produces GM (Genetically Modified) seeds and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) that will withstand being sprayed with Roundup, a harsh and deadly chemical.

Did you know that there are other chemicals at war too? Things like BT, (Bacillus thuringiensis) which literally is designed to make an insect that chews on a plant, in short, explode from the inside out.

The sad truth is this….you are ingesting these chemicals too. If it can explode an insect, what’s it doing to you on the inside? While Monsanto claims that it’s completely safe for humans and animals, why then are so many people and animals leaking from their guts? Why are there so many health issues abound that weren’t here before?

If you go back into history and look at what the FDA states about such chemical use for humans, none of this was readily approved because there weren’t sufficient trials done to prove safe consumption.

Yet, today, these chemicals are still on the market and they are getting worse. The next one waiting approval is an “Agent Orange” (2,4-D) chemical. Think the Vietnam War and the devastation that happened when this chemical warfare took place.

You can’t tell me this is good for our plants, our soil, our animals, our bodies.

When you consume pre-packaged and processed foods, while there are only a couple handfuls of genetically modified plants, 70% of the food on the grocery shelves are derivatives of these GM products on the market today and you’re consuming them.

My strongest statement to you today is this….back away from the table, very slowly.

Take a good strong look at the foods you are consuming and purchasing. If it’s not organic, not fresh whole foods, it’s tainted and it’s making you sick. It’s wreaking havoc with your gut, your hormones, and your body in general.

Our babies are born with toxins in their guts that they weren’t ever exposed to except through the womb. Think about that for a second. What this means is that we don’t necessarily have to consume a particular toxin, just be exposed to it.

While you’re mulling all of this information over, I implore you to clean up your life. I know you’re accustomed to buying whatever you’re marketed to as the latest greatest and it’s the best thing for you.

Really, it’s not. They (big AG and Grocers) are making huge amounts of money from you. Why, because we’re gullible). We believe what they tell us.

The biggest thing you can do for you is go get the documentary Genetic Roulette and watch it for yourself and then make your own conclusions.

It’s eye opening and I know this stuff. So I can only imagine what a newbie to this information will think. I hope it’s enough to get you to take action. Buy organic and clean up your diet and lifestyle.

Really your life does depend on it. Not only yours, but unborn babies and our children and grandchildren. We have the ability to lay a solid foundation for them. We have the ability to get smart and take action. Do it now, before it’s too late.

Action step #1:Go buy the documentary, it’s affordable and priceless!

Action step #2:Clean up your food intake and your health, stop buying and consuming GM and GMO products.

Did I say it would be easy….no! Are all good things worth having worth it? Absolutely and if you want or need accountability and a solid plan to make this happen, I’m you’re best option.

——–> Click here and let’s begin now! <———

When you wait until you’ve made a solid decision, I find that you keep waiting and don’t implement. I know this is true for me. I’m a ‘ducks in a row’ kind of girl. I wait until everything is just right.

Sometimes this gets me into trouble and I miss the boat. What does this look like for you? Will you keep suffering from poor health; keep running back to the doctor because you’re still suffering?

How bad does your health and life quality need to get before you decide to do something about it? I really do wonder why you settle for less than you were created for.

Empower yourself and your family. Take action today. Make this the first day of the rest of your life!

To your health,


Holistic Health Coach

PS: If you’re still “thinking” about it, what’s going to knock you off the fence? A diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, a heart attack, or worse? When do you say enough is enough? I truly understand that it’s hard; I’ve been right where you are. I reached out for help and it’s the best decision I ever made, hands down.

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