When to Say No to your Doctor


Every time you walk into a physician’s office, you run the risk of overtreatment: Tests you don’t need, medications that are ineffective (or dangerous), procedures that cause more problems than they solve. In many cases the best thing for your health is to do nothing.

Now before I start getting all kinds of hate male, let’s qualify why this is. Doctor’s medical school training is really all about crisis care and acute care, not the huge chronic and lifestyle diseases that are rampant today.

What is in a physician’s tool box typically is surgery and drugs. When in school, they aren’t trained in lifestyle changes, nutrition, and stress reducing methods or supplements for that matter.

I came across this article a few days ago that I thought did this subject justice, hence I wanted to share it with you. It’s worth the read and even the share as we all have to learn, grow and share what we know.

Please share your comments below…excited for the journey we’re on together.

When to Say No to your Doctor

Written by Joseph Hooper

Originally published in Men’s Journal

It’s been a couple of years, so you decide to see your primary-care physician for a physical.

You feel fine, but it’s the responsible thing to do. You get your blood pressure measured and your blood drawn. Within a few days you’ll get the lab report that will give you the readout on the amount of cholesterol and sugar in your blood. (This drill is so routine that you and your doctor don’t even discuss the implications of a possible bad test result.) If you’ve entered your middle years, he’ll probably ask if you want the lab to test your blood for PSA, a screening test that can tell you if you’re at an elevated risk for prostate cancer.

You figure it’s probably good to get out in front of these things, so you nod yes. Insurance covers it anyway.

Congratulations – you’ve just stepped onto a conveyor belt pulling you into a broken system that delivers disappointing results at ever-increasing cost. To wit: The United States spends roughly twice as much per capita as most of the nations of Western Europe, whose citizens on average outlive us by a couple of years. Our own national Institute of Medicine says we waste $210 billion annually on treatments of no or marginal benefit. In a study last year, researchers from the Mayo Clinic went through 10 years of the New England Journal of Medicine, from 2001 through 2010. Of the established tests and procedures reevaluated in studies in the journal, 40 percent were found to be worthless.

You may not care that Spain is kicking our national butts in the longevity sweepstakes, or that our wasteful health care system is driving up insurance premiums. But understand that a medical system that routinely uses drugs and procedures to treat the possibility of future disease poses a potential threat to your health. “As doctors, we have focused on the few we might be able to help,” says Dr. Gilbert Welch, a professor at Dartmouth’s Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. “The time has come for us to give equal attention to the many who are dragged through the process unnecessarily.”

Let’s go back to that seemingly benign checkup. “The problem with getting a physical is that doctors are looking for an action plan for whatever turns up,” says Dr. David Newman, director of clinical research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. And so, for instance, borderline high blood pressure, or, as it’s sometimes known, prehypertension, can invite a prescription for antihypertensive drugs – with accompanying side effects and no good evidence of benefit. Ditto for the meds to push down high blood sugar for type 2 diabetes. And then there are the statin drugs prescribed to bring down high LDL cholesterol – about one-fourth of American adults take them, risking significant side effects on drugs that have shown little or no ability to decrease heart attack risk in people who haven’t already had one. And the PSA screening test for prostate cancer? Two years ago, the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force recommended no one be screened, citing “very small potential benefit and significant potential harms.” And yet over the past 20 years, a high PSA reading has sent more than 1 million American men down a one-way street to radiation therapy or surgical removal of the gland, with notorious side effects. “Impotence and incontinence are the hallmarks of having gone to the doctor over the age of 50,” says Newman.

A handful of well-respected, influential physicians have recently gone public with their dissatisfaction, not to say outrage, over the state of the medical status quo: Welch in his book Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Heath; Newman in Hippocrates’ Shadow: Secrets from the House of Medicine; Dr. Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, in How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America; and University of North Carolina professor of medicine Dr. Nortin Hadler, most recently in The Citizen Patient: Reforming Health Care for the Sake of the Patient, Not the System.

They all decry a system that has oversold the American public not only on the $300 billion worth of pharmaceuticals people snap up every year, but also on the profoundly false idea that high-tech medicine is more potent than behavior – diet, exercise, stress management – when it comes to warding off the most common “diseases of aging.” In fact, when the doctor-authors crunch the numbers, the signature medical advances of the past several decades – from statins and cardiac stents to diagnostic-imaging technologies such as MRI and the CT scan – turn out to have had an enormous impact on medicine’s financial bottom line but precious little effect on public health.

“In the U.S., we don’t stress preventing disease,” Brawley says. “We stress finding disease early and treating it, which is a shame.”

Make no mistake: A good doctor is, or should be, your most trusted resource if you’re sick. If you’re not sick and he wants to treat you anyway, that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad doctor. But it does make him a player in a system that operates according to the unspoken and often unexamined assumption that more treatment is better for the patient. It’s unquestionably better for the financial health of the stakeholders in the system: the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, the health-insurance companies, and the hospitals. If you don’t know how the game is played, the odds go up that you’ll wind up the loser.

The remedial prescription calls for you to take more responsibility for your own health care because you can’t be sure anyone else is. The first requisite is the ability to say no to your doctor. That’s not as daunting as it sounds, thanks to the Web resources at your disposal. Not only can the Web ground you in the fundamentals of medical literacy, it’s also a way to tap into a more sophisticated means of pushing back against rising overtreatment in the medical establishment. Three websites jump out: uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org, from a volunteer panel of medical experts that reports to Congress; choosingwisely.org, produced by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit group trying to upgrade medical practices; and thennt.com, created by reform-minded iconoclast David Newman.

We live in an era of defensive medicine, with doctors overprescribing and overtreating, in part because they’re afraid of malpractice lawsuits or professional censure, and in part because they’re trained to abhor inaction. This Men’s Journal package is about becoming a defensive patient, about saying no – or, at the very least, “time out” – when the system is foisting on you the questionable screenings, drugs, and procedures described in the pages that follow. These treatments may have a plausible rationale behind them (though not convincing data); they may be the so-called standard of care; they may even be lifesaving for a certain subgroup of patients. But often they’re not in your best interest.


PART 1: Screening for Disease Where No Symptoms Exist


PART 2: Drugs: Effective for the Few, Prescribed to the Many


PART 3: Surgeries You May Be Better Off Without

Surgical instruments


Inflammation and Gut Flora – From Brain to Gut

shocked business woman

From Brain to Gut – Inflammation and Gut Flora – about now you’re probably saying “What?”


Hang with me if you will and I’ll explain.


You see, our bodies are designed to run like a really well-oiled machine. They are complex and diverse. The problem arises when we think we know what’s best and put in the wrong fuel, fuel filter and we don’t change the oil.


What do you suppose happens over time? We don’t get very good gas mileage, the engine is missing badly, the exhaust is smoking and polluting up the place and eventually the engine just stops.


Hmmm….we then run to the doctor and cry for help. “Something’s just not right” you say! The Doctor asked you a few questions and writes something illegible on a pad, hands it to you and sends you on your way. BUT, not before charging you for ½ days wages and then you get to the pharmacy and they want another ½ days wages to fill your meds.


Something’s wrong with this picture. But it’s the truth isn’t it? When we continue to eat prepackaged and commercialized foods, we are causing our bodies to work extremely hard to process ingredients that the body doesn’t know what are and quite frankly has no use for.


Even though the food industry and big Ag will tell you that their products are the best on the market and are “good” for you, your body knows best! It’s now fighting with everything it’s got, day after day after day. Over time, it’s being demanded to overwork continually, and what happens to you when you work really hard continually? You fizz out, you’re tired, and you can’t keep doing it. You quit!


Guess what your body is doing too? It’s fizzing out, it’s fighting back the only way it knows how. It’s been giving you red flags for some time now and you aren’t listening. So it then gets serious and knocks you out with its defenses, called inflammation. Which really is a necessary part of the body’s defense mechanisms, but when overtaxed and overworked, it goes into overdrive and causes major problems.


  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Autoimmune Disease


If it’s killing people, increasing health care costs and reducing your quality of life, inflammation is probably involved at some level.


Because our 2nd brain relies on good healthy gut flora to balance things out, what do you suppose happens over time when all the “not so good for you foods” keep getting put in, antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps, chlorinated water, pollution and agricultural chemicals keep bombarding your gut? The bad guys take over.


You want to have more good guys than bad and in order to do that, you must be feeding your gut a healthy dose of probiotics daily or my favorite influx of good foods like yogurt, kefir and fermented veggies, like Kimchi, Sauerkraut and the like.


So you might be wondering what inflammation and gut flora have to do with one another. Simple. When the bad bacteria take over the gut, this is thought of as bad stimuli. When bad stimuli are running the house, you get inflammation. Gut inflammation is at the heart of many diseases, such as a number of autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, and many others.


Without going into great detail of the inner happenings within the intestinal walls, the idea is that we want and need to keep the ratio of good bacteria over bad bacteria running smoothly.


You might be asking, well what happens when my gut has been compromised? The answer, it’s quite possible to reverse and heal. Will it be immediate? No, BUT, you can and do often times see some pretty amazing results quickly.


Don’t let all this information overwhelm you or paralyze you. Realize that it does take you to jump in the driver’s seat, put in the proper fuel, get regular check-ups and stay the course, even when you don’t feel like it.


Your body does need your help! Are you willing to do what it takes to be well again? With the assistance of others who have been down this path, amazing healing is possible. All you have to do is say “It’s time.”


What’s been your biggest health challenge and how do you see yourself getting well?


To your health,




PS: If you’re truly ready to take the next step and say that “It’s time”, click here to schedule some time to discuss your next steps in the healing process. Remember, we truly only get one shot at this life, what’s yours saying about you? Are you just getting by or have you decided you’d like to claim your life back? Click here and let’s talk!


Intolerance: Is Gluten your friend or a foe?

Take care of your body quote

My kitchen has been getting used overtime lately. My Mother-in-law just told me that soon I was going to need a double oven. Boy wouldn’t that be nice. I have been using hers as well as mine, so in essence I have been using 2 ovens.


Bread making and soaked granola have been in the ovens most days of the week over the past several weeks.


Seems most people like sourdough bread, banana bread and granola. Especially when you tell them how it’s made and why it’s made that way.


Last week I shared why eating Sourdough bread is tolerant of most even those with gluten intolerances.


Soaked grains behave much in the same way. I have found that most people’s bodies really struggle to digest grains, seeds, nuts and beans. Yet the flip side is that most people do really well with these same foods when they are soaked and sprouted.


Sprouted grains are considered low glycemic, which is a huge plus. The pancreas needs huge amounts of B vitamins to deal with stress. Once a grain has been sprouted most bodies recognize it as a vegetable rather than a starch which requires digestive enzymes not pancreatic enzymes.


What this means is, eating sprouted grains doesn’t stress the pancreas. In 2008, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) ruled that sprouted grains are more akin to vegetables than to whole grain.


Phytic acid, which is a known mineral blocker, is present in the bran of all grains and inhibits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. It is present in the coating of nuts and seeds as well.


This inhibitor or blocker can neutralize our own digestive enzymes, which often times results in the digestive disorders experienced by many people that eat un-sprouted grains. Yet, phytic acid is broken down in the sprouting process. Another benefit is that complex sugars responsible for intestinal gas are broken down during sprouting too.


There are many ways that the sprouting process changes the actual composition of the grain that ultimately make it a more beneficial food.  This process produces vitamin C and increases the content of vitamins B, B2, B5 and B6. Carotene, which is converted to vitamin A, increases dramatically and I’ve read in some cases as much as eight-fold.  Sprouting also inactivates aflatoxins, which are toxins produced by fungus and are strong carcinogens found in grains.


If you are curious about sprouted flours and breads, there are a couple of good ones that you can buy at some grocery stores and many health food stores. Ezekiel and Alvarado make good ones. They would be found in the frozen case.


If you are like me and love to do these things yourself, buy some berries and sprout them yourself. Once sprouted, which generally takes about 3 days or so, dry them out in a dehydrator or warm oven and then grind them into flour.


Sprouted spelt flour is my favorite as it is water soluble and it is higher in protein than most grains and it’s considered a close cousin to wheat.


The soaking process is truly what helps most grains, nuts, seeds, and beans give our tummies a break. I’ve heard the complaint that you don’t have enough time as it is.


To you I’d say, with a little planning and preparation, we can all do what becomes important to each of us. You just have to decide what’s truly important, your health and quality of life or feeling like shit and being tired and having no energy all the time.


The choice is always yours!


Have you tried sprouting grains before? What’s been your success? If not and are new, how can I help you further? Comment below or schedule some actual phone time with me using this link and together we’ll fill in the blanks to allow you to move forward with your health goals.


To your health,




Holistic Health Coach


Do you have a love/hate relationship with food or yourself?

In dark room

I hope that the time you spend on this journey we call life is a great one for you. One that’s filled with much joy, love, happiness and most of all peace and acceptance with who you are.


Last week I shared my story of a young girls’ deepest desires to be accepted and loved and most of all to feel valued!


What I’ve learned throughout my life is this….we all need to be cherished, acknowledged, valued and loved. With all of these ingredients, we feel love, accept love and love ourselves.


When these things are missing in some way, we tend to look for ways in which to self-medicate, if you will. Whether that’s in the form of self-destruction through alcohol, drugs, sex, food or the wrong relationships.


What is it for you? Do you find you have a love/hate relationship with food? Or have you been a seeker of love in all the wrong places? Have you gotten to the place where you say enough is enough?


In my many conversations with clients, friends, family, colleagues, the underlying reasons are always the same. We want what we perceive we can’t have. We aren’t being fulfilled in certain areas of our lives.


How do you change this? First of all being willing to admit there is a problem, and then being willing to do the work.


The work comes in the form of creating an intention, a plan of action and doing the work.


Let’s use the example of stress eating. I find that when I’m stressed, I do one of two things, I don’t eat OR I tend to eat all the wrong things. I will find myself raiding the cupboards or refrigerator in search of something, anything, even if I’m not hungry. Do you do this? Have you ever made a run to the store or the drive thru just to satisfy this so-called, “need?”


There are definitely tricks and tips that I can help make you aware before you stuff your face, things like mental and physical triggers.


Last week I also challenged you with Hour of Health. How many took me up on this? In case you missed it, we were agreeing to spending the first hour of your day on something health related for 3 days. Things like…


Preparing a proper breakfast using whole foods


Working out (that means breaking a sweat)




Reading something that will improve your health


Taking action on a goal that you set for yourself to improve your health


So, the big question, how did it go for you? And even bigger, did you keep going past the 3 days that I suggested?


When you can set simple goals for yourself AND achieve them, it certainly sets you up with the confidence to push yourself further and set more goals.


I’ve always talked about taking baby steps in any new endeavor; this ensures that you are more likely to stick with the new habit that you are attempting to form.


So what are you thinking about now? Does any of this resonate with you or with someone you know? Often times, I might not see an immediate problem because I’m too close to it or what about the infamous victim mode.


You know what that is right?


  • I eat because I’m bored and he/she bought it anyway
  • I just drink in the evenings because I need to unwind from my job
  • My spouse/significant other isn’t on board, so I can’t eat healthy most of the time
  • My childhood was horrific, so it’s not my fault that I eat when I’m stressed.


The list could go on and on and on. But I think you get the idea. This is one of those areas that get tricky because often times we don’t know that we’re playing the victim.


When we can learn to identify it, we can be well on our way to recovery.


I will leave you with this….If I touched on a nerve or you identified something that I said in yourself, and you’d like to make a plan to get unstuck and out of your current situation, let’s chat.


Together we can come up with your triggers and an action plan for attacking them every single time they come up. Not only that, but what to do if your partner isn’t very supportive.


What’s one thing you know you need to change, but it just seems like you are climbing a mountain and it’s impossible for you? Leave your comments below.


To your health,




Holistic Health Coach


PS: Click here to chat with me if you’d like to create your own personalized plan to identify and overcome.


Do you feel you are letting yourself down?


I just got off the phone with a woman that realized that she needed to take additional action to heal her leaky gut. By implementing just one of the suggestions I gave her, here’s what she said…


“I can’t believe how much of a difference this actually made. I have more energy and I feel better, in only 3 days”.


I am so super proud of her!!!

What’s also great about this; is she actually followed my advice and the personalized plan that we created just for her. It was a mindset adjustment and a willingness to try something new. And she’s COMMITTED and DOING the work.

How many times have you said to yourself, starting on Monday,  “I’ll start eating better” or “I’ll start exercising again” especially after a round of let downs and expectations that didn’t come to fruition. It seems we are forever beating ourselves up and starting over.

In order to free yourself from checking out of your life and overindulging in others, you must first…

Stop choosing to check out and make a choice to live a new lifestyle!

  1. Become present and AWARE of what is your check out trigger. Ask yourself this, “Even though I’m uncomfortable with my current health status why do I self-sabotage? What is it that I am avoiding or resisting in my life?”  Write it down in a journal and if you don’t have a journal – start one! If you are unclear how to define this feeling that makes you not care in weak moments, this feeling that is keeping you in stuck mode, that keeps you reaching for all the wrong foods – next time, STOP, BREATHE and then ask yourself “what can I do instead of eating junk? What healthy pattern can I put in its place instead?”  Something simple and calorie free…
  2. Acknowledge the emotion when it is triggered and recognize it for what it is – it isn’t really hunger so no need to eat an entire box of cookies or whatever else you might devour unconsciously, right…?
  3. Once you discover what your emotional trigger is – work on healing THIS pain, THIS hurt, or do a pattern interrupt instead (what is a pattern interrupt? I can teach you!). When you heal this problem, chances are you will not feel the urge to try and find comfort in food anymore or whatever you’re seeking out for comfort.
  4. As you are going through this process it really helps to drink a big glass of water, breathe through that 3-5 min craving cycle or go outside for a quick walk. The more you make healthy lifestyle choices the easier it gets!
  5. Most importantly don’t beat yourself up for the choices you have made in the past! Let’s work together, re-commit and let’s move forward together all right? Remember, you are not alone. We will work through this if you let me help you!

Do you want help to discover what your triggers are and have personal support in healing? How about ridding yourself of emotional eating or any other habit that you can’t seem to break? Then click here for help!

I know its June and you are still struggling with your health and the main reason is; you haven’t been willing to make the necessary changes or you have no idea where to begin or whatever you are resisting in your daily life!

You know if you made the choice to step up and make better choices it would completely change your body and your life in so many ways!

So, I’m going to give you the opportunity to take control of your unsuccessful lifestyle patterns and I am not going to charge you a penny.

I’m going to work with JUST 7 people – 100% free to help you discover how to make the necessary lifestyle changes when your emotions are challenged so you can finally have sustainable success and feel great once and for all!

Here is how you claim your free spot.

 I’m going to take the next 7 people who Email Me.

Email me now and I will gift you with a Lifestyle & Daily Living Plan PERSONALIZED just for you!





Do you love to travel?

Massage Chair.

Do you love to travel and practice taking care of you? Recently I was in San Diego meeting with my Mastermind group hosted by my Coach. Yes, I have a coach. I believe if you want to truly grow into the person you were meant to be in all areas of your life, you have to spend time on yourself.

When I got to the airport, I was waiting at my assigned gate and about 45 minutes into the wait, there’s an announcement that the plane has mechanical issues and is being delayed by another 2 ½ hours. Since I had a connecting flight, they were rerouting us.

Long story short, I could have chosen to be really upset, or figure out a solution. Guess what I did? Rebooked my flight; which meant staying in the airport 5 hours to depart, and getting home past midnight and ultimately spending an entire day either flying or sitting in the airport.

I decided to practice a little self-love. I went and spent about 30 minutes in one of those lovely airport spa shops.

They had the amazing whole body massage chairs, the back massage chairs, and you could get your nails done.

I opted for a 20 minute back massage. Heavenly. And I lounged in those incredible chairs that massage too. Since I’ve had a really rough month, I decided this was a good option to spend some quality time on me.

Have you ever decided to be spontaneous? Do you remember what it felt like? Did you laugh and giggle at the thought of just throwing caution to the wind and just going for whatever the thought was?

Do you realize that when you do this, your stress levels go down, you lower cortisol levels, which can contribute to more belly fat and you laugh, which releases feel good chemicals in your brain?

For me, I get so wrapped up in all the “have to’s” and “left brain” work that I forget to be fun, spontaneous and creative. That’s what lights most of us up and allows us to dream.

When was the last time you took a blanket out into the yard and looked up at the sky and imagined all the animals or faces you could see in the clouds?

Or, laid out on a starry night and looked at the constellation and imagined what it would be like to float around with the stars.

The other night when I was driving home late from the airport, I noticed that the moon looked just like the moon from the nursery rhyme “When the Cow Jumped Over the Moon” and I thought about all the times I’ve had that read to me, all the times I’ve read it to my children and now to my grandchildren.

It sparks a childlike feeling in each of us. When was the last time you just allowed yourself the memories of happy, simple times?

These are the little things that allow us to live life years younger. It doesn’t have to be elaborate things, like sailing around the world, although that sounds wonderful. You don’t have to spend lots of money to find joy, less stress and peace in your life.

Take your kids or grandkids to the park and watch how they play and interact with each other. Close your eyes and truly listen to the laughter. It becomes contagious. You will find yourself laughing with them.

Before long, your mood lightens, your step is lighter and your outlook is bright and fun. Don’t have any children or grandchildren, borrow some. Most parents would love the opportunity to have some free time and you’d be doing yourself a favor. It offers a fresh perspective at life. It becomes a win for the parents, for the children and for you!

When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and truly did something fun without planning every blasted detail? Post it here and then your mission, should you accept to take it, is to be spontaneous and live your life and LAUGH so hard your belly hurts! Your health will thank you!

Love You,


Heal thyself….how important is this to you?

Yoga and fitness

Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to be pain free, have an abundance of energy, be at optimal weight and not have all the stress that comes with not feeling well?

I have and that’s why it’s been on my heart to share the information that I know regarding our amazing body’s ability to heal itself.

When you allow the body to be free of all the “junk” that we are told is good for us by the “food” industry and the “big ag” industry and supply our bodies with good wholesome nutrients, it’s really amazing how the body knows what to do.

It’s not my accident, it’s purely by design. I’ve often thought about an architect and their abilities. They envision what something will look like in their mind and then design the outcome. I believe our bodies were created in much the same way.

Everything is “designed” to work seamlessly together and it doesn’t let us down unless we let it down. Do you understand what I mean by that?

For example: when I eat foods that I don’t normally eat, like commercial potato chips and overly processed foods that are either greasy or sugar laden, I know it. Why? Because my body wasn’t designed to be fed these things and it’s objecting to the fuel source.

Another way to think about this is to think about your car. It has an engine that obviously makes it run, whether it’s fueled by fuels or electricity, it still needs fed. So if you a put in the wrong kind of fuel, it’s not going to perform as you’d like it to.

Yet another way to think about this is the fuel filter in your car. The purpose is to filter out all the dirt and debris that would otherwise stop your engine from functioning. This is kind of like the purpose of your liver. It’s the filter for our bodies.

So, do you see how if we continually feed ourselves bad fuel, that our liver gets overworked, clogged and overtime our bodies can’t do the functions that they were designed to do?

In other words, it rebels against us. Often times it shows up in the form of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, etc., etc., etc. Do you get the idea?

So, what are you feeding your body? Is it the proper fuel needed for optimal efficiency or are you feeding it cheap fuel that’s just breaking it down over time?

I know it’s not easy to always eat the right things. I’m not perfect either. I love sweets and pizza and my wine and beer. The key really is moderation AND making better choices.

An example, when I make sweets, I use better choices for sweeteners and really reduce the amount of sweet needed to pull it off and still be satisfying. As for pizza, well, yes I sometimes enjoy my favorite pizza place and I buy organic wine and the beer, it’s just nice on a hot summer night after you’ve worked hard all day.

The idea is to not punish yourself. I would love for you to get to the 80-20 place. What do I mean by this? 80% of the time you’re putting in great fuel, no processed foods, sugars and pops, etc. and foods that actually help your body heal, like bone broth, fermented and cultured foods and consuming sourdough breads instead of white and most wheat, as examples.

The other 20% of the time, leaves you open to the human factor, which is we’re all accustomed to eating fast food, buying packaged foods and when you eat out, the food quality isn’t always top notch.

Do you think that if you had a plan to get you to 80% you’d follow it? What if you were recently diagnosed with a serious illness or disease? Do you think you’d be able to ditch all the “crap” you’ve been putting in and seek out the help you need to allow your body to start healing itself?

If this interests you, I’d love to hear from you, as I have solutions and my kitchen is brimming with healing foods. Use the contact me box on this page and I’ll get back with you soon. Please feel free to share this as well. We’re here together.

I’m in this for you and your health and I have soooo much to share! From my kitchen to yours!


Are you being good to yourself?

Daffodils 041814


These last few weeks have been very trying, to say the least. Have you ever noticed that when you go through hard times how you react?

Do you find yourself blaming others for your situation? Do you sink into an abyss that seems to be bottomless? Do you get depressed?

For me, I think I went through all of the above and then some. Life isn’t supposed to be smooth sailing, we are never guaranteed that. By experiencing the speed bumps of life, it strengthens our characters, it builds upon our knowledge of right and wrong and it allows growth of our most innate human emotions.

I do realize that while in the thick of the experience it’s hard to see the good through it all. It’s truly easier to blame others for what happened. In the end, we have to look in the mirror and love the person looking back, which means we can’t live in victim mode.

Anger, hurt, and depression are all a part of the grieving process too. Have you ever thought about grief in any other sense than the loss of a loved one? For me, it was the loss of a longtime career that I took in order to help someone else grow their business and their dream. It also allowed me to grow as a person in the process.

We all make choices and decisions that affect us both positively and negatively. In the end, no one is the judge of us but our divine creator. We will all stand and hear our deeds and our flaws.

The big ah ha from this is the following: learn from your mistakes, listen to what your spirit is telling you and then act upon it. In terms of going through it, I’ve always equated this to taking my “10 minutes” to scream, kick, cry, and any other emotion that comes up! Get it out of your system, stand back up and brush yourself off.

Learn the lessons you were to learn, say you’re sorry, if need be, ask for forgiveness and above all else, learn to love yourself and allow yourself to dream again.

We all tend to be really hard on ourselves and not want to let go of the beating ourselves up process or the “grieving” process. It certainly is different for everyone, and the sooner you can reflect, learn, and move forward, the better.

Spring and Easter for me are the signs of a renewal of life. We each get the opportunity to re-invent ourselves if we choose to. Each fall and winter, things die off and are reborn in the spring. Have you ever thought about yourself in this process?

We can be much the same, if we allow the old things of ourselves that aren’t serving us well die off and replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts, and allow ourselves to regrow the self that needs to.

It’s like pruning a tree or plant. It allows the main portion of the tree or plant to become stronger and produce bigger and better fruit. Have you allowed yourself to go through the pruning process lately? While it can be rather painful at the time, the end results are well worth the temporary process.

I invite you today to join me in the pruning process. Let’s remove the old dead shoots that aren’t serving us well and care for the main body to allow new growth and a stronger sense of being.

If you need to ask for someone’s forgiveness, do it! You’ll experience the joy of letting go and moving on. If you need to forgive yourself, do it now, so you can become all you were created to be.

Easter and spring are our new beginnings! What’s something you can do right now, to shed something that’s been holding you back and allow you to move forward?

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

To your health,


Do you believe in Hope, Health and Healing?

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This week has been incredible. I was privileged enough to have gotten to spend some time in San Diego, CA with some amazing people who are fired up and living the life of their dreams.

Have you ever stopped to consider what would be possible if you just allowed yourself the time to dream? What would your life look like, really?

Would you aspire to have more energy, less stress, more time, a life filled with love, joy and a body that allowed you to do pretty much what you wanted?

You do know these things are possible for most, right?

It’s really within your reach if you choose it. You see, everything we do, say or think really is a choice.

These last few days really have allowed me to step back and evaluate my dreams, ambitions and what I really want.

Are you ready to receive that?

I want to truly make a difference in each and every one of your lives. You might be asking how I would do that. Simply by providing you with the best of me. When I am allowed to be my authentic self, I can and will serve you above and beyond what you ask.

I am determined to bring you absolute truth, healing, and your authentic self.

I know that for many of you, there has been some settling that has occurred. By that, I mean, you’ve settled for less energy, being stressed, having high cholesterol, have pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes, or anything else that is going on with you.

Do you know that there is a whole other life out there that doesn’t have to include these illnesses and diseases?

Our society today is taught today that when we don’t feel well, we go see our doctors. What typically happens? You are probably subscribed some kind of medication to relieve the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Sometimes these work to help and often times they cause other side effects that you weren’t experiencing before, so what happens? Different or more drugs.

I hope that you realize these drugs and regimens aren’t helping your body heal, they are just covering up the symptoms of your illness or ailments.

Our society has been taught that this is the normal path to take. What happened to the ability to seek out the assistance of your body to heal itself?

That’s completely possible and that’s what I’m here to bring to the table. Many of you may have heard some of this before and some of you may be new to the concept of healing naturally.

If you decide this journey of discovery is worth it to you, welcome. If you’re still unsure and seeking, welcome. You see, when we’re at least willing to explore options, we have hope and healing can and will occur.

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to serve you on this incredible journey of hope, health and healing.


PS: If you’d like to have some time with me, it’s super easy. Use my scheduler  to reserve your spot. It’s that easy. Also, what’s your biggest challenge in regards to your health? Leave your comments below.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

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As I mentioned above, I love to eat. Food has become such a stigma for many. We’re told we shouldn’t eat this or that. I’d love to explore the clean, natural state of food, the way it used to be, back when our ancestors were growing up and perhaps many of you.

We truly have the right to grow old gracefully, and that means taking charge of your life, your body, your mind, your spirit and the ability to heal your body. You have total control, you just need to learn how.

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