Are you being good to yourself?

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These last few weeks have been very trying, to say the least. Have you ever noticed that when you go through hard times how you react?

Do you find yourself blaming others for your situation? Do you sink into an abyss that seems to be bottomless? Do you get depressed?

For me, I think I went through all of the above and then some. Life isn’t supposed to be smooth sailing, we are never guaranteed that. By experiencing the speed bumps of life, it strengthens our characters, it builds upon our knowledge of right and wrong and it allows growth of our most innate human emotions.

I do realize that while in the thick of the experience it’s hard to see the good through it all. It’s truly easier to blame others for what happened. In the end, we have to look in the mirror and love the person looking back, which means we can’t live in victim mode.

Anger, hurt, and depression are all a part of the grieving process too. Have you ever thought about grief in any other sense than the loss of a loved one? For me, it was the loss of a longtime career that I took in order to help someone else grow their business and their dream. It also allowed me to grow as a person in the process.

We all make choices and decisions that affect us both positively and negatively. In the end, no one is the judge of us but our divine creator. We will all stand and hear our deeds and our flaws.

The big ah ha from this is the following: learn from your mistakes, listen to what your spirit is telling you and then act upon it. In terms of going through it, I’ve always equated this to taking my “10 minutes” to scream, kick, cry, and any other emotion that comes up! Get it out of your system, stand back up and brush yourself off.

Learn the lessons you were to learn, say you’re sorry, if need be, ask for forgiveness and above all else, learn to love yourself and allow yourself to dream again.

We all tend to be really hard on ourselves and not want to let go of the beating ourselves up process or the “grieving” process. It certainly is different for everyone, and the sooner you can reflect, learn, and move forward, the better.

Spring and Easter for me are the signs of a renewal of life. We each get the opportunity to re-invent ourselves if we choose to. Each fall and winter, things die off and are reborn in the spring. Have you ever thought about yourself in this process?

We can be much the same, if we allow the old things of ourselves that aren’t serving us well die off and replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts, and allow ourselves to regrow the self that needs to.

It’s like pruning a tree or plant. It allows the main portion of the tree or plant to become stronger and produce bigger and better fruit. Have you allowed yourself to go through the pruning process lately? While it can be rather painful at the time, the end results are well worth the temporary process.

I invite you today to join me in the pruning process. Let’s remove the old dead shoots that aren’t serving us well and care for the main body to allow new growth and a stronger sense of being.

If you need to ask for someone’s forgiveness, do it! You’ll experience the joy of letting go and moving on. If you need to forgive yourself, do it now, so you can become all you were created to be.

Easter and spring are our new beginnings! What’s something you can do right now, to shed something that’s been holding you back and allow you to move forward?

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

To your health,


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