About Me

April 2016 4

Kellie Valenti

Holistic Wellness Mentor

When people are unhealthy and feel hopeless that’s when tragedy occurs most often. In a society of instantaneous gratification, we often overlook how to heal our own bodies. My great passion is to help individuals and families learn the basics of health by building a strong foundation though their gut.

I know that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to health. That’s why my background in fermentation and traditional nutrient-dense whole food activism plays an integral part in the holistic gut health healing process.

When I was a young girl growing up in Ohio, my parents always gardened. Sometimes they raised pasture-fed animals and practiced the art of fermentation. I didn’t always understand what this meant in terms of health and family, but now I do. I have a deep appreciation for the foundation it provided for me in my life.

My early years formed a foundation that wrapped around wellness for most of my life. I always innately understood the importance of good health, exercise and the love of good food.

As a young adult, my experimentation of sourdough began. I had an infatuation with great breads and sharing them with everyone that would take them.

When my children were growing up, meal time was an important part of family time. The family table was a place of community, good food and love. It was a place for sharing and dreaming.

With a background in the wellness industry for almost half of my adult life, I have helped people realize their true potential, gain confidence, look and feel their best and ultimately win better health. It made sense to resurrect my love of fermentation and healing foods, such as sourdough and nourishing broths. Now I get to help others in their healing journey and share the passion I have for quality, nutrient-dense nutrition.

I love teaching others about the possibility that lies in each of us to heal our own bodies from sickness and disease. It empowers you to be a proactive participant in your own health, your family’s too. Why settle for a life of mediocrity when you can have a life of abundance and vitality, Naturally!

A health blog writer, connoisseur of cookbooks, lover of recipes, music, and good wine, I invite you to take the first step on a journey, where hope, health and healing begin.

Happy to be on this journey with you!